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Kit Bernard Foster is just 23 years old, but he’s already gaining attention in the world of famous kids. His mom is the talented and award-winning actress Jodie Foster, known for movies like ‘Silence of the Lambs’ and ‘Panic Room.’

Born on September 29, 2001, Kit is becoming well-known not just because of his famous mom but also for his own unique qualities.

Meet Kit Bernard Foster is a young and talented kid who’s become quite popular at a young age. His mom is Jodie Foster, a well-known actress from movies like “Silence of the Lambs” and “Panic Room.” Even though Kit is only 23, he’s making a name for himself in the world of celebrity kids.

Kit Bernard Foster Bio/Wiki:

Full NameKit Bernard Foster
Date of BirthSeptember 29, 2001
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, USA
Age21 years (2022)

Kit Bernard Foster Early Life And Education

Charles Bernard Foster, the brother of Kit Foster, was born in Los Angeles on July 20, 1998. He was conceived through artificial insemination at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Kit Bernard Foster, a young American star, was born in Los Angeles, California, on September 29, 2001. He’s turning 22 in 2023. Kit is American, and his mom is Jodie Foster.


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His dad’s identity hasn’t been revealed. Charles Bernard Foster is one of his brothers. Kit is currently studying at Princeton University. We don’t know his religion, but he’s of White Caucasian descent.

The Foster siblings have kept much of their personal details private but occasionally join their mother at public events. Charles, a Libra, was born under that zodiac sign.

Kit Bernard Foster is currently attending Princeton University, a prestigious school in Princeton, New Jersey, since 2020, according to his LinkedIn profile. He is expected to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry in 2024.

Kit Bernard Foster Career

Kit Bernard Foster is currently a student, dedicated to his studies and hasn’t started a career yet. On the other hand, his mom, Alicia Christian, also known as Jodie Foster, is a famous actress, director, and producer in the United States.

She first appeared in Disney’s Napoleon and Samantha in 1972. Jodie gained recognition for her role as a young prostitute in Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver in 1976 and was even nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Kit Bernard Foster Professional Career

Meet Bernard Foster, a famous kid in the entertainment world. His mom is Jodie Foster, a well-known Hollywood star with lots of awards. Despite being born into a famous and rich family, Bernard keeps a low profile. His parents, Jodie Foster and Cydney Bernard, make sure to keep their kids’ personal lives private.

Kit Bernard Foster Net Worth

Kit Bernard Foster currently lives in Los Angeles, California. We’re still figuring out exactly how much money he has. On the other hand, his mom, Jodie Bernard Foster, has a net worth of $100 million. She earned this wealth through her successful acting career.

Kit Bernard Foster Age, Height and Weight

Kit Foster is such a charming person! He was born on September 29, 2001, and every day he’s growing and discovering new things. Although we don’t know specific details about his height (around 6 feet), weight (50 kg), or how he looks, one thing is clear – Kit is full of energy and excitement.

Right now, he’s all about learning, having fun, and enjoying being a kid. Let’s celebrate Kit’s youthful spirit and look forward to seeing how he continues to grow and develop.

Kit Bernard Foster Brother

Kit arrived a bit early, born in a Los Angeles hospital, weighing a good 6 pounds, 3 ounces. He’s the second child of the actress, with his big brother Charles born in 1998.

Their mom says the two boys are quite different. Charles is more outgoing and has a keen interest in acting, showing lots of talent.

Kit is still a little kid, but he’s a big supporter of his mom. He, along with his brother, cheered for her when she got a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2016.

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  • Kit is a young boy who has a lot of interests and things he enjoys doing in his free time.
  • One of his favorite things to do is play soccer, where he loves running around the field and scoring goals with his friends.
  • Kit also really likes reading and can often be seen with his nose in a book, getting lost in different worlds and stories.
  • When he’s feeling creative, Kit enjoys drawing and painting.
  • He finds joy in expressing himself through art and creating beautiful pictures.
  • Another hobby he loves is playing musical instruments.
  • Right now, he’s learning to play the piano and dreams of becoming a talented musician someday.
  • Kit also loves spending time outdoors, exploring nature, and going on adventures with his family and friends.
  • With such a variety of hobbies, Kit always discovers new ways to have fun and explore his interests.


Kit Bernard Foster was the 23-year-old son of acclaimed actress Jodie Foster, is carving his own path in the spotlight while maintaining a low profile. A Princeton University student with a focus on Chemistry, Kit balances academic pursuits with diverse interests, including soccer, reading, art, and music. Despite the fame surrounding his family, Kit’s youthful spirit and varied hobbies showcase a well-rounded personality. As he continues to grow, fans eagerly anticipate the emergence of his own unique talents and contributions to the entertainment world.

FAQs About Kit Bernard Foster:

Q1: Who is Kit Bernard Foster’s famous parent?
A1: Kit Bernard Foster’s mother is the renowned actress Jodie Foster, known for her roles in “Silence of the Lambs” and “Panic Room.”

Q2: Where and when was Kit Bernard Foster born?
A2: Kit was born on September 29, 2001, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Q3: What is Kit Bernard Foster studying at Princeton University?
A3: Kit is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and is expected to graduate in 2024.

Q4: What are Kit Bernard Foster’s hobbies?
A4: Kit enjoys playing soccer, reading, drawing, playing musical instruments (currently learning the piano), and spending time outdoors with family and friends.

Q5: What is Jodie Foster’s net worth, and does Kit have his own wealth?
A5: Jodie Foster has a net worth of $100 million, while Kit’s personal wealth is not disclosed.

Q6: Does Kit Bernard Foster have siblings?
A6: Yes, Kit has an older brother named Charles Bernard Foster, born in 1998.

Q7: What are Kit’s aspirations for the future?
A7: Kit’s future aspirations remain undisclosed, as he is currently focused on his studies and enjoying a variety of hobbies.


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