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Grant Chestnut is the 27-year-old son of Morris Chestnut. He is a famous American actor. He was born in 1997 to Morris and his wife, Pam Byse. While Morris and his sister work in Hollywood, Grant has opted for a more low-key career path.

He completed his studies at the University of Colorado Boulder in 2018, majoring in Strategic Communications with a focus on Marketing and Advertising. This shows his interest and enthusiasm for sales and marketing.

Grant Chestnut Bio/Wiki

Full NameGrant Chestnut
Famous asMorris Chestnut’s son
Date of Birth1997
Age26 years old (as of 2023)
Place of BirthCerritos, California, USA
Current ResidenceDenver, Colorado, USA

Grant Chestnut’s Mother

Grant Chestnut’s mom is Pam Byse. Pam, born on December 22, 1973, is a smart woman from Los Angeles, California.

She’s of African-American descent. Pam and her husband got married in 1995, and they welcomed their son in 1997 and their daughter in 1998. Pam works as an astrologer and psychologist, which helps her be a great homemaker and mom, keeping her family strong.

We don’t know where Pam went to college or where she works, and she keeps her private life very secret. Despite that, we do know she’s a 50-year-old mom, married to a famous husband, and she’s skilled at astrology. Balancing all these things is a big job, but Pam Byse shows she can handle it well.

Grant Chestnut Early Life

Grant Chestnut, now 24 years old in 2021, was born in 1997 and grew up in the friendly town of Cerritos, California.

He’s proudly American with African-American roots. Grant comes from a talented family—his parents are Morris Chestnut and Pam Byse, and he has a younger sister named Paige Chestnut, who’s making a name for herself in the modeling world, as mentioned in his biography.

Grant Chestnut

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Grant’s family has a rich history, with his grandparents Morris Lamont Chestnut Sr. and Shirley Chestnut playing important roles in shaping who he is today.

Education has always been crucial for Grant, and you can see his passion for learning in his journey. He earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising from the University of Colorado, showing his commitment to both personal and intellectual growth.

Grant Chestnut Education

Grant Chestnut has had an impressive academic journey that sets a strong foundation for his future. In 2019, he happily earned his bachelor’s degree in advertising from the University of Colorado in Boulder. During his time there, he focused on improving his marketing skills, gaining a well-rounded education.

Throughout his college years, Grant was known for being really good at solving problems and having a keen business sense.

These qualities helped him achieve an outstanding top-four ranking in the P&G CEO Challenge, a global competition that attracted talented participants from around the world. This showcased Grant’s expertise in the field.

The climax of this challenge took place in Dubai, providing an amazing opportunity for Grant to display his abilities on the international stage.

Grant Chestnut

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Before the global Covid-19 pandemic, Grant took on a role as an international sales coordinator with EF Educational Tours. This job not only allowed him to make significant contributions but also added valuable experience to his already impressive resume.

Grant Chestnut Career

Grant’s journey stands out due to his commitment to learning and clear sense of purpose. He proudly earned his marketing bachelor’s degree from the prestigious University of Colorado in Boulder back in 2019.

Currently, he’s making a meaningful impact as an International Sales Coordinator at EF Educational Tours, forging his professional path with determination.

A significant moment for Grant occurred on April 12, 2019, during the Procter and Gamble C.E.O. Challenge. His team’s outstanding performance in the company’s North American finals propelled them to an impressive third round.

Unlike his sister, who entered the American entertainment scene, Grant chose a different route, breaking away from his father’s footsteps. His decision to create his own path was wholeheartedly supported by his parents, reflecting the openness and encouragement within their family.

While Grant pursued his unique path, his father, Morris Chestnut, had a remarkable career in the entertainment world. Morris began his career with a role in the American horror anthology series, “Freddy’s Nightmares,” in 1990. He then took part in “Out All Night,” contributing his talents to 20 episodes alongside Jurnee Smollett from 1992 to 1993.

Notably, he collaborated with Steven Seagal in various projects, including “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory” (1995), where he played Seagal’s partner, and took on significant roles in “Half Past Dead” (2002) and “Prince of Pistols” (2008).

Grant Chestnut’s Parents & Siblings

Grant Chestnut is the oldest child in the Chestnut family, following in the footsteps of his successful father, Morris Chestnut. He was born in 1997 in Cerritos, California, where his parents, Morris and Pam Byse, started their journey together in 1995.


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Their strong and enduring marriage spans over two decades, growing stronger with each passing year.

Grant is proud of his role as the older sibling in this close-knit family. He is guided by the love and dedication of his parents, as well as a deep connection to his grandparents, Morris Lamont Chestnut Sr. and Shirley Chestnut.

Growing up, Grant shared his childhood with his younger sister, Paige Chestnut, born in 1998. Every 28th of November, they come together to celebrate Paige’s birthday, appreciating another year of her presence in their lives.

Paige has pursued a career as a model, working with Munder Management, a well-known modeling agency. She had a notable appearance on the runway of the 2017 L.A. Fashion Week, showcasing her elegance and style in the world of fashion.

Grant Chestnut Height & Weight

Grant has a captivating and confident presence. Standing proudly at about 5 feet 8 inches (172 centimeters) and weighing 62 kilograms (136 pounds), he exudes a self-assured vibe.

Grant’s impressive height and dark complexion create a visually appealing look, complemented by handsome features and a magnetic charm that gives off an intelligent aura.

His commitment to staying fit is commendable, resulting in an admirable physique that earns admiration from everyone he meets.


Grant Chestnut, the accomplished son of renowned actor Morris Chestnut and astrologer-psychologist Pam Byse, has forged a unique path in marketing and sales, distancing himself from the glitz of Hollywood. A graduate of the University of Colorado, Grant’s success in the P&G CEO Challenge showcased his business acumen globally. Currently excelling as an International Sales Coordinator at EF Educational Tours, Grant’s commitment to learning, evident since his college years, has shaped a promising career. Supported by a close-knit family, including younger sister Paige, a budding model, Grant stands tall, embodying intelligence, charm, and dedication to personal and professional growth.


Q: What is Grant Chestnut’s educational background?
A: Grant Chestnut graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2019, majoring in Strategic Communications with a focus on Marketing and Advertising.

Q: What is Pam Byse’s profession?
A: Pam Byse, Grant’s mother, is an astrologer and psychologist.

Q: What is Grant Chestnut’s career path?
A: Grant is currently an International Sales Coordinator at EF Educational Tours, demonstrating his commitment to a distinct professional journey in marketing and sales.

Q: How did Grant Chestnut perform in the P&G CEO Challenge?
A: Grant excelled in the P&G CEO Challenge, achieving an outstanding top-four ranking in the global competition and impressing in the North American finals.

Q: What is Grant Chestnut’s sister Paige’s career?
A: Paige Chestnut is pursuing a career in modeling, associated with Munder Management and having showcased her talent at the L.A. Fashion Week in 2017.


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