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David Choe

David Choe, born on April 21, 1976, is a multi-talented individual from Los Angeles, USA. He is recognized as an artist, musician, and actor, and has a background as a former journalist and podcast host.

His creative efforts can be found in a variety of crowded entertainment and cultural settings. He has drawn and written for magazines including The Hustler, Ray Gun, and Vice, showcasing his skills as an artist.

He also continued to be connected with the Asian pop culture platform Giant Robot, which consists of a website, an online store, and an old magazine.

Choe has a unique artistic style that is sometimes referred to as “dirty style,” with a raw and wild approach. His figurative paintings explore themes of exaltation, impiety, and desire, offering spectators an original and challenging viewpoint.

All things considered, David Choe has become an influential person in the creative and cultural environment thanks to his diverse talents and successes.

David Choe Wiki/Bio:

Name David Choe 
Date of Birth 21 April,1976
Age 47 years old ( as per 2023)
Place of Birth Los Angeles, USA
Father NameJimmy Choe
Mother NameJana Choe
CollegeOtis College of Art and Design
Zodiac SignTaurus
Net Worth $10 – 20 Million
Height 5’8
Weight 70 kg 
Eye Color Dark Brown 

David Choe Early Life:

David Choe’s artistic journey took root in the late 1990s when he began creating graffiti art on the streets of Los Angeles. His distinctive and capturing style gained attention, leading to commissions for artwork from various galleries and museums. Choe, also known as David Choe Dong-Hwa or Dave Choe, swiftly became recognized as one of the most sought-after muralists in the country.

Beyond his artistic endeavors, Choe is an advocate for freedom of expression through art. His commitment to artistic freedom has been demonstrated in collaborations with renowned figures in the art world, including Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and Takashi Murakami.

Throughout his career, David Choe has left a significant mark on the art scene, showcasing a unique blend of talent, innovation, and a passion for creative expression.

David Choe Career:

In 1996, David Choe self-published a graphic novel titled “Slow Jams,” distributing only 200 copies at Comic-Con in 1998. Hoping to attract a publisher, he submitted the work for the Xeric Grant in 1999 and received $5,000 to self-publish an expanded edition of 1,000 copies.

In 2005, Sean Parker, an internet entrepreneur and longtime fan, asked Choe to paint explicit murals in Facebook’s first Silicon Valley office. Mark Zuckerberg later commissioned him for less explicit murals in 2007, offering Choe company stock instead of cash. The stock’s value reached approximately $200 million by Facebook’s 2012 IPO.

David Choe

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Choe held solo exhibits in San Jose and San Francisco and had exhibits in New York and the UK. In 2008, he co-directed an autobiographical documentary, “Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe,” with Harry Kim.

Choe joined Vice magazine, contributing both writing and artwork. He and Harry Kim filmed the online series “Thumbs Up!” where they hitchhiked and traveled extensively. Choe began hosting the podcast “DVDASA” in 2013 with adult film star Asa Akira.

Known for his watercolors, Choe exhibited his work in a solo show in Mexico City in 2013. After seeking therapy, he returned in 2017 with a new body of work focusing on themes of trauma and recovery. In 2023, David Choe starred in the Netflix miniseries “Beef” and created title cards for multiple episodes.

David Choe Age, Height And Weight:

David Choe stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches, with a weight of 70 kilograms. His distinctive features include dark brown eyes, adding to his unique appearance. These physical attributes contribute to the overall persona of David Choe, a renowned artist, entrepreneur, and personality known for his diverse contributions across various industries.

David Choe Net Worth:

As of now, David Choe’s precise income and net worth are not publicly disclosed. However, estimates suggest that his net worth exceeds $20 million.

Choe has accumulated his wealth through various avenues, including his successful career as an artist, strategic investments, and involvement in gambling. He has demonstrated entrepreneurial prowess by establishing several successful businesses.

Choe has made significant investments in technology companies and holds substantial shares in various ventures. His role as an angel investor extends to supporting numerous startup companies. Additionally, Choe has achieved success in high-stakes gambling, securing victories in several notable games.

David Choe’s multifaceted success as an artist, entrepreneur, and gambler has contributed to his widespread recognition and financial prosperity.

From his early days as a graffiti artist to his current status as a prominent figure in multiple industries, Choe’s journey has been marked by notable achievements. While specific financial details remain private, his influence and accomplishments are evident in his diverse and impactful career.

David Choe Interesting Facts:

– David Choe is the son of Korean immigrants and spent his childhood in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

– He began spray-painting on the streets as a teenager.

– Sean Parker, a fan of Choe’s work, hired him to paint explicit murals in Facebook’s first Silicon Valley office in 2005.

– In 2007, Mark Zuckerberg commissioned him for less explicit murals in Facebook’s next office.

– Choe chose stock instead of cash for the original Facebook murals, and by 2012, the shares were valued at $200 million.

– His first solo exhibit in New York, “Gardeners of Eden,” took place in 2007.

– Choe provided vocals for the character Rain in the 2007 animated film “We Are the Strange.”

– His second solo exhibit, “Murderous Heart,” was held in the UK in 2008.

– He co-directed the autobiographical documentary “Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe” in 2008 with Harry Kim.

– Since 2008, Choe has been involved in charitable projects and collaborated with foundations, supporting causes in Haiti and South Central LA.

– Howard Stern dubbed him “the prince of all media” in 2012.

– He started hosting the podcast “DVDASA” with Asa Akira in 2013.

– In 2014, Choe joined YouTube with his channel.

– Some of his clients include Fox Searchlight, Sony Pictures, and Warner Bros. He has created artwork for album covers, including Jay-Z and Linkin Park’s collaborative album.

– In 2023, he co-starred in the Netflix miniseries “Beef” alongside Steven Yeun and Ali Wong.

– Choe self-published a graphic novel titled “Slow Jams.”


David Choe’s journey from a graffiti artist on the streets of Los Angeles to a multifaceted creative force has been marked by innovation, controversy, and success. His unique artistic style, entrepreneurial ventures, and advocacy for artistic freedom have solidified his influence in the cultural landscape. From pioneering graphic novels to painting murals for Facebook, Choe’s diverse talents have left an indelible mark on the art world. His journey, coupled with his resilience and commitment to creative expression, has made him a noteworthy figure in the global creative scene.

FAQs About David Choe:

Q: What is David Choe’s net worth?

A: While David Choe precise net worth is not publicly disclosed, estimates suggest it exceeds $20 million, accumulated through his successful career as an artist, entrepreneurial endeavors, and high-stakes gambling.

Q: What is David Choe artistic style?

A: David Choe is known for his “dirty style,” characterized by a raw and wild approach in his figurative paintings. His work explores themes of exaltation, impiety, and desire, offering viewers a challenging and original perspective.

Q: How did David Choe become involved with Facebook?

A: In 2005, internet entrepreneur Sean Parker, a longtime fan of Choe’s work, commissioned him to paint explicit murals in Facebook’s first Silicon Valley office. Choe later received company stock instead of cash, which soared in value to approximately $200 million by Facebook’s 2012 IPO.

Q: What is the significance of David Choe documentary “Dirty Hands”?

A: “Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe,” co-directed by Choe in 2008, provides an autobiographical insight into his life and career. It explores his journey as a street artist, muralist, and his collaborations with renowned figures in the art world.

Q: What are some notable achievements of David Choe?

A: David Choe has achieved significant milestones, including solo exhibits, co-directing a documentary, hosting the podcast “DVDASA,” and starring in the Netflix miniseries “Beef” in 2023. His collaborations with Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and Takashi Murakami also contribute to his notable achievements.

Q: How did David Choe start his artistic journey?

A: David Choe’s artistic journey began in the late 1990s with graffiti art on the streets of Los Angeles. His distinctive style gained attention, leading to commissions from various galleries and museums, establishing him as one of the most sought-after muralists in the country.


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