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Sexyy Red

Sexyy Red gained fame for her work with Summer Walker on the problematic music video “Sense Dat God Gave You.” Her big break came up when the song “Pound Town,” starring Tay Keith, was released in January 2023. Due to the success of this song, Nicki Minaj and the producers created the remixed sequel “Pound Town 2,” which debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Rapper Janae Nierah Wherry, better known by her stage name Sexyy Red, was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on April 15, 1998. She first became well-known online in 2018 when she merged Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” into her song “Ah Thousand Jugs.”

Her next single, “SkeeYee,” followed follow and also was well-received. Both songs were included on her second mixtape, “Hood Hottest Princess,” which was released in 2023.

In that same year, Sexyy Red worked with rapper Latto on official remixes of hits that charted on the Hot 100, including DaBaby’s “Shake Sumn,” NLE Choppa’s “Slut Me Out,” and Young Nudy’s “Peaches & Eggplants.” She collaborated with SZA on Drake’s “Rich Baby Daddy,” which peaked at number 11 on the Hot 100.

Billboard recognized Sexyy Red as “one of the biggest breakout artists of summer 2023,” and she earned a nomination for “Best Breakthrough Hip Hop Artist” at the 2023 BET Hip Hop Awards. Described as brazenly sexual, boisterous, and confident, Sexyy Red has made a notable impact with her public image, lyrics, and media presence.

Sexyy Red Wiki: 

NameJanae Nierah Wherry 
Nick Name Sexyy Red 
Date of Birth15 April,1998
Place of Birth Saint Louis, Missouri
Zodiac Sign Aries 
Height 5’7
Weight 57 kg
Body Measurement 33 – 26 – 35
Shoe Size 6 US
Eye ColorBlack 
Hair ColorBlack
Net Worth $3 Million 

Sexyy Red Personal Life:

Janae Nierah Wherry, known as Sexyy Red, is a mother with a son born in 2020. On October 15, 2023, she shared the news of her second pregnancy through an Instagram post. In August 2023, Wherry courageously opened up about being a survivor of rape during a podcast.

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Notably, in October 2023, during a podcast conversation with Theo Von, Wherry expressed her affinity for former U.S. president Donald Trump. Her sentiments were subsequently categorized as an endorsement for Trump’s potential 2024 campaign for re-election.

Sexxy Red Early Life and Career:

Janae Nierah Wherry, also known as Sexyy Red, was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Her journey into the world of rap began when she turned to music as an outlet after experiencing infidelity in her relationship.

Motivated by this event, she channeled her emotions into crafting a diss song. The stage name “Sexyy Red” was derived from the nickname “Red,” given to her due to her red-dyed hair.

Embracing her sexuality and aiming for appeal in her music career, she adopted the moniker, adding an extra “y” to distinguish herself from an Instagram personality with a similar-sounding name. Wherry is an alumna of Normandy High School in Missouri.

Sexyy Red made her debut in 2018 with the release of her first song, “Ah Thousand Jugs.” Her musical journey continued to evolve, leading to the launch of her debut mixtape, “Ghetto Superstar,” in 2021.

The turning point in her career came in January 2023 when she dropped “Pound Town” in collaboration with Tay Keith. The song quickly gained traction, going viral on social media.

Following this success, she was featured on the remix of NLE Choppa’s “Slut Me Out” in April. In May of the same year, Sexyy Red released “Pound Town 2” with Nicki Minaj, marking her debut on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart. June saw the release of her mixtape titled “Hood Hottest Princess.”

Red’s influence in the industry continued to grow, and in August 2023, she joined Drake as an opening act for his “It’s All a Blur Tour,” having made guest appearances at his earlier shows. Further solidifying her collaborations, in October, she teamed up with Drake and SZA on the track “Rich Baby Daddy,” featured on Drake’s album “For All the Dogs.”

Sexyy Red Age, Height And Weight:

Janae Nierah Wherry, known for her contributions as an American rapper, has a height of 5’7, weighing 57 kg. Her body measurements are approximately 33-26-35, and she wears a shoe size of 6 US. With captivating black eyes and matching black hair, she carries an alluring physical presence.

Sexyy Red Net Worth:

Janae Nierah Wherry, the accomplished American rapper born on April 15, 1998, in Saint Louis, Missouri, has established herself as a prominent figure in the music industry with a notable net worth of $3 million. Recognized for her hit songs like “Pound Town,” “Throwin’ It,” and “Born By the River,” Wherry’s musical journey began in 2018 with the release of her debut track “Ah Thousand Jugs.”

Her 2023 single “Pound Town” has particularly gained significant acclaim, amassing over 1 million plays on Spotify. Beyond her musical prowess, Wherry has garnered popularity in the industry, boasting over 200,000 Instagram followers.

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Her attractive physical appearance, characterized by a height of around 5 feet 7 inches, a weight of 57 kg, and body measurements of approximately 33-26-35, contributes to her overall charismatic presence. Notably, she has black eyes and matching black hair, adding to her captivating persona.

As an African American rapper with American nationality, Wherry’s net worth of $3 million is a testament to her success and accomplishments in the competitive world of the music business. While her financial achievements are well-documented, details about her educational background and personal relationships remain undisclosed.


Janae Nierah Wherry, professionally known as Sexyy Red, has emerged as a dynamic force in the music industry. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, she gained recognition for her bold, sexually charged lyrics and impactful collaborations. Her breakout moment with “Pound Town” propelled her to the forefront, leading to chart-topping success. Despite controversies and personal revelations, Sexyy Red’s resilience and artistic prowess have solidified her position as a prominent figure. With a net worth of $3 million, her journey from the debut in 2018 to becoming a chart-topping artist showcases her remarkable ascent in the competitive world of hip-hop.

FAQs About Sexyy Red:

Q1: When did Sexyy Red gain fame for her collaboration with Summer Walker?

A: Sexyy Red gained fame for her work with Summer Walker in the music video “Sense Dat God Gave You” in 2022.

Q2: What was Sexyy Red’s big break in her music career?

A: Sexyy Red’s big break came with the release of the song “Pound Town” featuring Tay Keith in January 2023.

Q3: What nominations did Sexyy Red receive in 2023?

A: Sexyy Red earned a nomination for “Best Breakthrough Hip Hop Artist” at the 2023 BET Hip Hop Awards.

Q4: What is Sexyy Red’s net worth?

A: Sexyy Red’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million, showcasing her success in the music industry.

Q5: How did Sexyy Red reveal her second pregnancy?

A: Sexyy Red shared the news of her second pregnancy through an Instagram post on October 15, 2023.

Q6: What significant revelation did Sexyy Red make in August 2023?

A: In August 2023, Sexyy Red courageously disclosed that she is a survivor of rape during a podcast.

Q7: What high-profile collaboration did Sexyy Red have with SZA and Drake?

A: Sexyy Red collaborated with SZA and Drake on the track “Rich Baby Daddy,” featured on Drake’s album “For All the Dogs.”


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