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Tia Hernlen

Tia Hernlen, who is Julie Hernlen’s daughter, went through a scary situation recently. She called for help when she heard gunshots at home. When the authorities arrived, they found Julie and Aeneas Hernlen asleep.

Aeneas had fallen and was bleeding from the mouth. They quickly took him to Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach, but sadly, Aeneas Hernlen (48) didn’t make it and passed away from a gunshot wound.

In the year 2000, Tia Hernlen was born in the United States. She was the beloved daughter of Aeneas and Julie Hernlen, who both had an intense love for adventure and surfing. The parents loved their daughter and made sure she took part in all of their activities, including choosing movies they would like to watch on dates.

NameTia Skye Hernlen
Nick NameTia
Known ForMurder of her parents
Date of Birth2000

Tia Hernlen is currently seeking comfort and dealing with the death of her parents by staying with relatives following this sad happening. She seems to be keeping a low profile during this trying time, likely hurting privately and processing what happened.

Early Life:

In 2000, Tia Hernlen, the loved daughter of Julie and Aeneas Hernlen, was born in the US. She developed with her parents’ unwavering love, but the specifics of her early years are still private.

Tia’s mother, Julie Hernlen, dedicated herself fully to her studies at Daytona Beach Community College to obtain her degree and go on to practice law.

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Tia’s father, Aeneas Hernlen, devotedly served as Julie’s loving spouse and Tia’s father. Together, they created an encouraging setting that promoted Tia’s development and happiness.

The Hernlen family’s love of surfing was an extension of their sense of exploration. They made sure Tia was a part of their exciting journeys by taking part in this activity as a family. Tia’s age-appropriate movie choices often stressed their connection as a family and their strong bond.

Tia Hernlen Family Background:

Tia Hernlen was only five years old in 2005, indicating that her birth year was likely in the early 2000s. Given that both of her parents, Julie Hernlen and Aeneas Hernlen, were born in the country, it is plain that she is an American citizen by birth, considering her projected age of 23.

Julie, Tia’s mother, was going to finish at Daytona Beach Community College and wanted to pursue a legal career at that time. The family had great expectations for Aeneas, Tia’s father, thinking he could succeed and lead an enjoyable life.

Personal Life:

Tia Hernlen has warded off media attention and public scrutiny by living a hidden being. Despite keeping a low profile, pictures she has posted on social media have generated rumors about a potential lover.

The young man’s identity and relationship status are still unresolved but it is clear that they are close and supportive of each other. Tia Hernlen keeps her money and assets concealed by not disclosing them to the public.

Although her financial status is unknown, rumors abound that she might have gotten compensation from court cases in addition to inheriting money from her parent’s descent. She might have made cash via her studies and business activities as well.

Tia Hernlen Age, Height And Weight:

Tia Hernlen is twenty-four years old! You’re right! Her birth year was 2000, which feels like a long time ago. Considering her youth, she has considerably more life experience than many people her age. Tia was born in Volusia County, Florida. So, like you and maybe me, she is American.

Tia is 5 feet 3 inches tall. It is characteristic of a girl—not overly high or low. If you need to know how tall that is, think of a door. She’s usually about 6 feet 7 inches tall, meaning she’s shorter than a door.

Tia Hernlen

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Tia weighs approximately fifty-five kilograms. I am aware that pounds are used rather than kilograms in America. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Converting kilograms to pounds, it is the same as roughly 121 pounds.

Tia Hernlen Net Worth:

Even though the community first offered financial support to Tia Hernlen all through her early years, specifics regarding her present financial status are still unknown.

Tia has kept her life mainly private, buffering it from severe media scrutiny, in contrast to individuals whose lives unfold in the public eye. Her financial situation is made confusing by the lack of information, which raises a lot of unanswered worries.

Tia Hernlen Parents:

Parents welcomed Tia Hernlen into society. Julie Hernlen is the mother of Tia Hernlen, and Aenas Hernlen is her father. David Edward Johnson shot and killed her parents on Monday, March 28, 2005, in Volusia County, Florida. Tia Hernlen was just five years old at the time. The professional details of her parents have not yet been shared.

Tia Hernlen Hobbies:

Health: Tia is serious about the need to preserve one’s mental and physical well-being. She stays mentally as well as physically balanced since she enjoys yoga and working out in her free time.

Travel: Her travels show her interest in different places and cultures. She likes the excitement of meeting new people and locations.

Cooking: In the kitchen, Tia also finds happiness. She likes discovering new foods and hosting dinner parties for her close friends and family.

Reading: Tia is a voracious writer. She likes to lose herself in a good book, whether it’s a modern or classic work of fiction.


Tia Hernlen at the age of 24, has faced a tragic loss with the untimely death of her parents, Julie and Aeneas Hernlen, due to a shooting incident. Despite the heartbreak, she maintains a private life, finding solace with close relatives. Tia’s early years were shaped by her parents’ love for adventure and surfing, creating a strong familial bond. She embraces diverse interests, from fitness and travel to cooking and reading. The details of her financial status remain undisclosed, adding a layer of mystery to her life. Tia navigates the challenges of grief with resilience, seeking comfort in personal pursuits.


Q: What happened to Tia Hernlen’s parents?

A: Tia’s parents, Julie and Aeneas Hernlen, were shot and killed by David Edward Johnson on March 28, 2005, in Volusia County, Florida.

Q: How is Tia coping with the loss of her parents?

A: Tia is currently staying with relatives, maintaining a low profile, and processing the tragic event privately.

Q: What are Tia Hernlen’s hobbies?

A: Tia enjoys maintaining mental and physical well-being through yoga and workouts, has a passion for travel, finds joy in cooking, and is an avid reader.

Q: What is Tia Hernlen’s net worth?

A: Tia’s current financial status remains unknown, and she has kept details about her assets and income private.

Q: Is Tia Hernlen involved in any public relationships?

A: Tia’s relationship status is unclear, but there have been rumors about a close and supportive bond with a young man, though his identity remains undisclosed.


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