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Teruko Nakagami

Teruko Nakagami is a Japanese-American, gained fame as the spouse of actor Billy Dee Williams. Born in Chicago in 1946, she went through tough times as a child when she was sent to a Japanese-American internment camp in California at the age of six.

Miyako was their daughter, born when she married jazz great Wayne Shorter. She met Billy Dee Williams after her marriage to Shorter ended, and the two got married in 1972. Hanako is the name of the girl they have together.

Full NameTeruko Irene Nakagami
Date of birth1946
BirthplaceChicago, USA
Age77 years
Marriage Date27th December, 1972
Eye colorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
ProfessionCelebrity wife
PartnerBilly Dee Williams
Marital StatusMarried

Teruko Nakagami Career:

Teruko Nakagami’s career evolved together with dedication and tenacity from her start in Tokyo. She started by dedicating her entire being to her studies in the hopes of obtaining the knowledge and skills that would ultimately define her career path. Because of her strong academic background and tireless drive for achievement, she entered the workforce ready to take on any challenge.

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Teruko was more than just a person looking for opportunities in their career; she was an advocate of continuing education and growth through life. She constantly challenged herself to attain new heights when she had the chance and never settled for mediocrity.

Teruko was more than just a person looking to advance in their career; she was an advocate of continuous learning and development through life. She continually challenged herself to attain new heights when she had the chance and never settled for mediocrity.

Teruko Nakagami demonstrated professionalism in the workplace. Colleagues respected Teruko for her honesty and dependability since they knew that she would lead the team to the successful completion of its duties.

However, Teruko Nakagami wasn’t a lone wolf during her career. She placed a high value on cooperation and teamwork since she recognized that the greatest successes were typically the outcome of a team’s combined efforts.

Teruko Nakagami Education And Early Life:

Teruko Nakagami will be 77 years old in 2023. Teruko’s contact with the media has reduced as she has become older. Her height is 5 feet 5 inches, and no one knows how much weight she is Nakagami has decided to keep all of her details private. As a result, the weight and body measurement data are unclear.

Teruko Nakagami

Nakagami hardly looks to be trying to maintain an ideal weight as she gets older. She is Asian-American in ethnicity and keeps American nationality because of her American birth.

Since Nakagami is unsure of her exact birthdate, it is unclear what sign she is. Nakagami has dark brown eyes and black hair to complete her appearance.

Teruko Nakagami Age, Height And Weight:

As of 2021, Nakagami is around 75 years old. On the other hand, it is unknown when she celebrates her birthday. As soon as this information becomes available, we will update this section.

Nakagami weighs comfortably and is of medium height. If her pictures are a measure of her height with her surroundings, she seems to be quite tall. Her true height and other body measures, however, are not yet made public knowledge. We keep an eye on and will update this information as soon as it becomes available.

Teruko Nakagami Personal Life:

Teruko Nakagami is the third wife of Billy Dee Williams. Japanese American born in Chicago After meeting Wayne Shorter, her name was changed from Irene to Teruko.

Nakagami was married to Wayne Shorter, who rose to fame in the late 1950s as the primary composer and member of Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers. In 1961, Teruko Nakagami and Wayne Shorter crossed paths. In 1962, Miyako Shorter became a parent to Nakagami and Wayne Shorter. 1964 saw the couple’s divorce.

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Copyright for Wayne Shorter’s arrangements is held by “Miyako Music.” “Miyako” and “Infant Eyes” are dedicated to Wayne Shorter’s daughter.

The 1966 album “Speak No Evil” by her ex-husband Shorter featured a cover created by Nakagami. When Shorter first saw Teruko Nakagami, he said she was “pretty” and “looked like a Japanese Audrey Hepburn.”

Teruko Nakagami Net Worth:

Billy Dee Williams and Teruko Nakagami each own $7.5 million. Their financial success comes from Nakagami’s husband’s work in entertainment. Her occupation is unclear, though, so it’s hard to say how much money she might be worth.

Let’s talk about their finances. The famous Hollywood actor enjoyed huge success. His payment of $5 million each film was significant. His most well-known role was in Star Wars starring Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill as Lando Calrissian, the former spouse of Mary Marquardt.

Billy enjoyed success both on large and small screens, starring in series such as General Hospital: Night Shift and Lost.

While a big-screen experienced actor can earn $1 million every episode, the average TV actor only makes $25,000. The couple received $2.7 million for the sale of their Beverly Hills home. Most of their other traits are hidden from the outside world.

Teruko Nakagami’s Family:

Before being married, actor Billy Dee Williams requested Teruko Nakagami to marry him three times in the 1970s. Very little is known about Teruko Nakagami, other than the fact that she was Wayne Shorter’s former wife and Billy Dee Williams’ wife.

Yet, her second ex-husband commended her, citing her Japanese cultural values of respect, honesty, and ideals as just a few of the many qualities that made her a “fantastic” wife.

Teruko Nakagami Social Media:

Teruko Nakagami, who is in her seventies now, was up in a time before social media was common. As a result, she avoids common social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


Teruko Nakagami is a Japanese-American, rose to prominence as the wife of actor Billy Dee Williams. Born in 1946, she endured the hardships of a Japanese-American internment camp in her childhood. Her career showcased dedication, professionalism, and a commitment to continuous learning. Married to jazz musician Wayne Shorter before Billy Dee Williams, Nakagami has kept a low public profile in her later years. The couple’s combined net worth is estimated at $15 million. Despite her husband’s fame, Nakagami avoids social media. Her life, marked by resilience and cultural values, remains largely private.


Q1: When and where was Teruko Nakagami born?

A: Teruko Nakagami was born in Chicago, USA, in 1946.

Q2: How did Teruko Nakagami meet Billy Dee Williams?

A: Teruko Nakagami met Billy Dee Williams after her previous marriage to jazz musician Wayne Shorter ended, and the two got married on December 27, 1972.

Q3: How many children does Teruko Nakagami have?

A: Teruko Nakagami has three children, including Miyako from her marriage to Wayne Shorter and Hanako with Billy Dee Williams.

Q4: What is Teruko Nakagami’s career background?

A: Teruko Nakagami’s career involved dedication to education and a commitment to continuous learning. She demonstrated professionalism, teamwork, and success in her professional endeavors.

Q5: Is Teruko Nakagami active on social media?

A: No, Teruko Nakagami, in her seventies, avoids common social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, having grown up in a time before social media was prevalent.


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