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Shari Jordan

Shari Jordan became the stepmom of Jeffery Dahmer, a well-known American serial killer and sex offender who committed horrifying murders and dismembered seventeen young men from 1978 to 1991. Her link to this grim past started in 1978 when she married Lionel Dahmer, who was already Jeffery Dahmer’s dad.

In addition to being Jeffery’s father, Lionel Dahmer wrote a book called “A Father’s Story,” which covers his viewpoint on his son’s actions. As of 2023, Lionel was still living in West Allis, Wisconsin, where he was born in 1936. In addition, he took part in various interviews after the world was made aware of his son’s terrible crimes.

Shari Jordan Wiki:

Real NameShari Jordan
Nick NameShari
Age81 years old
Famous ForJeffery Dahmer’s Step-Mother
Current ResidenceUSA

Shari Jordan Career:

Very little is known about Jordan’s career goals. In contrast to her son David’s point of view, which she shares with Lionel Dahmer, Jordan recognized her pride in carrying the Dahmer name in a major interview that broadcast on Larry King Live in 2004.

Shari Jordan

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She talked about using the Dahmer last name in her professional activities indicating that Jordan continued in her professional path despite the dreadful reputation created by her stepson’s deeds.

Shari Jordan Divorce:

Over time, Joyce experienced depression, which had a big effect on her relationships within the family. Her emotional discomfort made Lionel and Jeffrey more tense, which strained their relationship and everyday existence. sadly Jeffrey’s conduct and personal growth were seriously affected by this stressful environment.

Lionel and Joyce had to make a hard decision when Jeffrey was just 18 years old and his younger brother David was just 12 years old. Their growing disputes became unacceptable, and they left ways.

The date of the divorce order was July 24, 1978. During the court meetings, Lionel was given custody of Jeffrey Dahmer, while Joyce was granted custody of their younger son, David.

In a bid to start over after the divorce, Joyce was wed a second time. Sadly, Joyce’s difficulties remained although she made an effort, and she died in 2000.

Shari Jordan Early Life:

Allow me to take you on a journey through the enigmatic moments in my life when not much is known about my childhood. However, because of my relationship to Jeffrey Dahmer, people are now curious and fascinated with me. With the backdrop of the horrors that happened inside our family home, my account gives you a unique insight into the horrific thinking of one of the most wicked people in history.


At the age of 58, Shari Jordan’s life was cruelly cut short when she passed away in 2012. In the comfort of her daughter’s home, she died carefully joined by her loved ones, including her five natural grandchildren.

Shari Jordan

Her family’s support and fond endures with loved ones help her memory. I hope those who knew her will remember her with love and that she rests in peace.

Shari Jordan’s Son:

One of the most famous serial killers in American history, Jeffrey Dahmer, was educated by Shari Jordan after her married Lionel Dahmer. Between 1978 and 1991, Jeffrey murdered seventeen people and engaged in cannibalism. While Jeffrey’s stepbrother, David Dahmer, is still alive, his biological mother, Joyce Dahmer, passed away in 2000. Jeffrey passed away in prison after being the victim of Christopher Scarver, a second inmate.

Shari Jordan Life:

Jeffrey Dahmer was initially introduced to Shari Jordan at the home of his biological mother. She said that although Jeffrey seemed to be extremely upset by his parents’ divorce, he was able to keep his cool, which in the end led to his well-known acts and behaviors.

A television series that included real-life relations of Jeffrey Dahmer, such as neighbors, was based on his case. These people, however, voiced their disapproval, saying that their private lives had been presented without permission.

Shari Jordan

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Shari also had financial contacts, and she may have faced harsh criticism because of her connection with the Dahmer family. Like her son David, she did not decide to separate herself by keeping the Dahmer last name.

Shari Jordan Family:

After Shari Jordan married Lionel Dahmer, she became the stepmother of Jeffrey Dahmer, one of the most famous serial killers in history. She not only became Jeffrey’s stepmother but also David Dahmer, his brother.

Shari Jordan Age, Height And Weight:

Shari Jordan had a normal existence before her association with a renowned serial killer. Her age is fifty-nine years. She stands about five feet seven inches tall. She weighs about 64 kg.

Shari Jordan Net Worth:

It is currently necessary to figure out Shari Jordan’s current net worth. Though many people’s lives focus around money, it’s important to keep in mind that Shari’s narrative beyond wealth. An estimate of her net worth is $25 million.

Shari Jordan

Rather than focusing only on Shari’s wealth, we also want to have more knowledge of her life’s emotional and psychological components and the impact of her experiences.

Shari Jordan Siblings And Parents:

On May 8, 1953, Howard M. and Oliver Jean Miller Jordan welcomed Shari into the world. Shari was raised in a caring supportive home where the qualities of compassion, careful planning, and willpower were valued. Shari Jordan’s parents educated her the value of kindness and a sense of responsibility.

They also encouraged her to pursue her dreams and supported her curiosity. Shari’s life was significantly influenced by her siblings as well. They supported one another through difficult times in life and had many happy times jointly.

We go into more detail about Shari Jordan’s life; it is important to acknowledge the important influence her parents and siblings had on the lady she became. Her experience as a stepmother was made possible by their love, support, and advice, which also provided her with the courage and resilience she needed to deal with unexpected realities she experienced.


Shari Jordan’s life was intricately woven into the dark tapestry of Jeffrey Dahmer’s notorious crimes. From her marriage to Lionel Dahmer to her resilience amid the family’s struggles, Shari faced societal scrutiny yet maintained her connection to the Dahmer name. Despite the infamy, she persevered through a challenging divorce, a second marriage, and her son Jeffrey’s heinous acts. Shari’s legacy extends beyond the shadow of tragedy, emphasizing the importance of understanding the emotional and psychological dimensions of her life rather than fixating solely on wealth or sensationalism.


Q: How did Shari Jordan meet Jeffrey Dahmer?

A: Shari Jordan met Jeffrey Dahmer at the home of his biological mother. Despite Jeffrey’s apparent distress over his parents’ divorce, she observed his composure, which later contrasted with his infamous actions.

Q: What was Shari Jordan’s career?

A: Limited information is available about Shari Jordan’s career. In a Larry King Live interview in 2004, she expressed pride in carrying the Dahmer name professionally, indicating she continued her professional path despite the grim reputation associated with her stepson.

Q: What happened to Shari Jordan after her divorce from Lionel Dahmer?

A: Shari Jordan remarried after divorcing Lionel Dahmer. However, her life remained challenging, and she passed away in 2012 at the age of 58, surrounded by loved ones.

Q: What is Shari Jordan’s net worth?

A: An estimate suggests Shari Jordan’s net worth was $25 million. However, it’s crucial to focus on her life’s emotional and psychological aspects rather than merely financial considerations.

Q: What impact did Shari Jordan’s parents and siblings have on her life?

A: Shari Jordan’s parents, Howard M. and Oliver Jean Miller Jordan, instilled values of compassion, careful planning, and willpower. Her siblings provided crucial support and advice, shaping her into the resilient woman who navigated the challenges of being the stepmother of Jeffrey Dahmer.


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