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Payson Schnabel

Payson Schnabel has made a name in the world of gold mining. He was born into a family who are rooted in industry and is the grandson of the legendary, John Schnabel who is renowned for his role in the Discovery Show called  “ Gold Rush”. He believes in his family values and also follows the footsteps of his family and is working as a project engineer of their own family gold mine business.

From his miner’s family, He is the son of Nancy and Roger Schnabel and shares an amazing bond with his younger brother, Parker Schnabel who is also into the family business and has a good name in the gold mining industry like his brother. And they both actively manage their family’s construction business. 

Majorly plays an important role in the family business, but Payson prefers to maintain a low profile and makes a lot of random appearances in Gold Rush shows. Throughout the whole season, he was seen only twice which showcased his dedication to his work behind the scenes rather than catching the spotlight. 

With his wealth of experience and family legacy backing him, Payson Schnabel continues to make strides in the gold mining industry, contributing to the success and growth of the family business.

Payson Schnabel Wiki:

NamePayson Schnabel
Profession Gold Mine Business (Family Business)
Education Arizona University 
School Name Haines High School 
BirthplaceAlaska, United States
Date Of Birth 22 July, 1994
Age 29 years old ( as of 2023)
Ethnicity Caucasian 
Father NameRoger Schnabel
Mother NameNancy Schnabel 
Sibling Parker Schnabel
Grandfather NameJohn Schnabel 
Net Worth $5 Million 
Height 5’9

About Payson Schnabel

Payson Schnabel, a 29-year-old Caucasian entrepreneur, hails from the rugged landscapes of Alaska, United States, where he was born on July 22, 1994. Growing up in a region known for its rich natural resources, Schnabel developed a deep-seated affinity for the mining industry from an early age.

Following his graduation from Haines High School, he pursued higher education at Arizona University, where he honed his skills and knowledge in business management, laying the foundation for his future endeavors in the corporate world.

As a scion of a family deeply entrenched in the gold mining business, Schnabel found himself naturally drawn to the intricacies of the industry. Under the guidance of his family, he embarked on a journey to further expand and solidify their legacy in the field.

Payson Schnabel

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Armed with a combination of academic training and hands-on experience gleaned from working alongside seasoned veterans in the mining sector, Schnabel emerged as a formidable force in the business realm.

His unwavering dedication and tireless efforts have propelled the family business to greater heights, solidifying its position as a prominent player in the gold mining arena. Despite the challenges inherent in such a demanding industry, Schnabel remains undeterred, leveraging his expertise and innovative mindset to navigate through turbulent waters and capitalize on lucrative opportunities.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Schnabel remains deeply rooted in his Alaskan heritage, drawing inspiration from the rugged beauty of his surroundings. His passion for mining extends beyond mere profit-making, as he harbors a profound respect for the land and its resources, advocating for sustainable practices that ensure the preservation of the environment for future generations.

The height of an individual, measured at 5 feet 9 inches, serves as a fundamental aspect of their physical stature, contributing to their overall appearance and bodily proportions. Standing at this height, which equates to approximately 175 centimeters, denotes a person of moderate stature, neither exceptionally tall nor notably short, but rather occupying a middle ground in terms of vertical dimensions. 

Payson Schnabel Career and Professional Life:

He was born and surrounded by a legendary family, having his own gold mines and construction business, at a very young age he developed a natural affinity for industry. Also, he enjoyed playing with machinery and gradually grasped the intricacies of the construction business.

Unlike his younger brother Parker, who was also into gold mining, Payson decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. With time, he gained a deep understanding of the work practices within the building company and steadily climbed the ranks to become the property manager of Big Nuggets Mine.

Initially, Payson wasn’t keen on working in the construction and mining sectors. However, he soon recognized how these industries were instrumental in honing his management skills. This realization prompted him to venture into entrepreneurship, leading him to establish his construction company in Alaska.

Despite his focus on construction, Payson appeared in the episode “Road to Gold,” driven by his grandfather’s final wish. The segment delved into a documentary about Payson’s grandfather and his dying wish for Smith Creek Hill to be mined.

His career as a construction engineer is financially rewarding, earning him an average annual income of $73,000. With his background in construction and mining, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, Payson Schnabel continues to make significant strides in the industry, carrying his family’s legacy with pride.

Payson Schnabel Appearances:

We all know the reputation of Payson Schnabel in the Alaska Mining Community since he is involved a lot in his family business gold mining, but he avoids his spotlight presence, due to Discovery Channel reality show, Gold Rush. 

Although he wasn’t a central figure in the Gold Rush, his first cameo occurred in season 3, but he became more memorable to viewers when he appeared in season four to fulfill the final wish of his grandfather. 

Payson Schnabel

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During this poignant moment, John Schnabel, Payson’s grandfather, was nearing the end of his life. He ultimately passed away in 2016, prompting Gold Rush to pay tribute to him with an episode titled “Remembering John Schnabel.” Payson participated in this tribute, marking his last recorded appearance on reality television.

Payson Schnabel Net Worth:

Payson Schnabel possesses a significant financial standing of a total net worth of $5 million, which reflects his accumulated assets and total investments. This indicate a level of success and well stable in his wealth management and suggest a diverse portfolio into various assest like real estate, stocks, bonds, or any entrepreneurial ventures.

And having such a big amount of net worth requires a lot of strategic planning, diligent savings, and time taking investment decisions over some gradual time. It speaks a lot about him like into generating income managing all expenses and building such wealthy opportunities.

Also, with all this points this net worth signifies certain degree of financial independence, which help him to afford such greater flexibility and security of long term plans and also his lifestyle.Attaining a net worth of $5 million reflects a commendable level of financial accomplishment and stability. 

Interesting Fact About Payson Schnabel:

  • Payson Schnabel, a gold miner and television personality, gained fame through his appearances on the show “Gold Rush: Alaska.” Born in the Alaskan town of Haines, he is also known as the older brother of Parker Schnabel, another prominent figure in the gold mining industry, particularly in the show “Gold Rush.”
  • While Payson’s exact date of birth remains undisclosed, his younger brother’s age suggests that he is likely in his late twenties. He has maintained secrecy surrounding his birthdate for an extended period.
  • Payson has made cameo appearances in two episodes of “Gold Rush.” He first appeared in Season 3’s “Road to Gold” and later reappeared in Season 4’s episode titled “Grandpa’s Last Wish,” fulfilling his grandfather’s final desire.
  • His grandfather, John Schnabel, was a renowned gold miner and American soldier, known for accumulating over 45 ounces of precious metal.
  • Payson’s parents, Roger Schnabel and Nancy Schnabel have also been featured in the limelight, with Roger appearing in “Gold Rush” as well.
  • While details about his romantic life are scarce, Payson appears to be single at the moment, as there are no visible photographs of him with a significant other on social media.
  • Despite his relative inactivity on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where he has over 2,000 followers each, Payson maintains a presence but doesn’t engage extensively.
  • His net worth, it is estimated to be around $5 million, indicating significant financial success, likely attributed to both his family’s legacy and his endeavors in the gold mining industry.


Payson Schnabel, a 29-year-old Alaskan gold miner, has carved a niche in the industry, upholding his family legacy with humility. Born into a legendary mining family, Payson, a project engineer, quietly contributes to the success of the family business. Despite minimal appearances on Gold Rush, he plays a pivotal role behind the scenes. With a net worth of $5 million, Payson blends business acumen with a commitment to sustainable practices, ensuring a lasting impact on the mining landscape. His journey exemplifies a harmonious balance between family heritage, professional success, and environmental responsibility.


Q1: How did Payson Schnabel contribute to the family business?

A: Payson, a project engineer, actively manages the family’s gold mining and construction business, playing a crucial role in its success.

Q2: What is Payson Schnabel’s net worth?

A: Payson Schnabel’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million, showcasing financial success and stability.

Q3: How did Payson honor his grandfather’s final wish on Gold Rush?

A: Payson appeared in the episode “Grandpa’s Last Wish” in Season 4, fulfilling his grandfather John Schnabel’s dying wish for Smith Creek Hill to be mined.

Q4: What is Payson Schnabel’s educational background?

A: Payson Schnabel attended Haines High School and further pursued business management education at Arizona University.

Q5: How tall is Payson Schnabel?

A: Payson Schnabel stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches.

Q6: Is Payson Schnabel active on social media?

A: While not extensively active, Payson maintains a presence on Instagram and Twitter with over 2,000 followers on each platform.

Q7: What is Payson Schnabel’s career journey?

A: Initially hesitant about mining and construction, Payson climbed the ranks in the family business, becoming the property manager of Big Nuggets Mine, and later ventured into entrepreneurship with his own construction company.

Q8: How many times did Payson appear on Gold Rush?

A: Payson made cameo appearances in two episodes of Gold Rush, first in Season 3’s “Road to Gold” and later in Season 4’s “Grandpa’s Last Wish.”


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