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Omar Abdul Ali 

Omar Abdul Ali rose to fame after having a marriage with gifted Elle Duncan. Since coming into the spotlight in 2003, Elle has been well-known for her abilities in a variety of fields, including news fixing, hosting, reporting, acting, writing, and television personality.

Omar Abdul Ali Wiki:

Name Omar Abdul Ali 
Profession Disco Jockey 
Nationality American 
Ethnicity African – American 
Religion Christian 
Place of BirthUSA
Date of Birth Jan 22
Zodiac Sign Aquarius 
Wife Elle Duncan 
Children Name Eva Rose ( in 2018)
Net Worth $1,50,000
Height 6’2
Weight 75 kgs 
Body Build Slim 
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Shoe Size 12.5 US 

Omar Abdul Ali Career:

Popular DJ Omar Abdul Ali is a family man who values his time with his family and is committed to his work. For those who want to be celebrities, he is an inspiration.

He started his career in the entertainment industry in high school. Omar Abdul Ali originally wanted to be a musician, but he excelled as a DJ instead.

Omar Abdul Ali Early Life:

Omar Abdul Ali is an American disco jockey, known for his music mixing skills and upbeat performances. Born on January 22, he falls under the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

Omar’s profession revolves around creating lively atmospheres with his music, spreading joy and excitement through his DJ sets. While his work takes him to various places, he remains rooted in his Christian faith, finding strength and guidance in his beliefs.

Omar Abdul Ali 

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As an Aquarius, Omar is likely to possess traits of innovation, independence, and friendliness, which may contribute to his success in the entertainment industry.

Overall, Omar Abdul Ali’s journey as a disco jockey reflects his passion for music and his commitment to spreading happiness through his craft.

Omar Abdul Ali Wife, Proposal, Children:

Omar Abdul Ali, an American DJ, and his wife, Elle Duncan, share a happy marriage. They tied the knot on July 9, 2016, at the picturesque Villa Caletas Hotel in Jaco, Costa Rica. Elle looked stunning in a gorgeous illusion cap sleeves ball gown, while Omar donned a dashing white slim linen suit with a bow tie and a flower in his left pocket.

Among the guests were Sarah Nicole Davis, Cole Meat, and Duncan’s sisters, Kelli and Shyra Duncan. The bridesmaids adorned pink sleeveless tea-length pleated gowns, adding to the elegance of the occasion.

Their love story began at a nightclub, where Omar was performing as a DJ, and Elle was invited by mutual friends. They hit it off and soon became close friends, eventually leading to dating. Omar proposed to Elle on July 3, 2015, with a lavish ring on the banks of the Atlanta River, and she joyfully accepted.

Their happiness expanded with the arrival of their daughter, Eva Rose. Elle announced her pregnancy on Instagram on February 15, 2018, and on July 25, 2018, Eva was welcomed into their lives.

Elle frequently shares moments of their daughter on social media, such as a sweet photo of Eva napping on December 26, 2019, with a heartfelt Merry Christmas wish in the caption.

Their journey as a family is filled with love and joy, evident in the precious moments they share and the world.

Omar Abdul Ali and Elle Net Worth:

As of 2023, Omar Abdul Ali’s net worth is estimated to be $150,000. He earns this income from his profession, likely comparable to the annual salary of a disc jockey in the United States, which averages around $26,850.

Omar Abdul Ali 

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In contrast, Omar’s wife possesses a significant fortune of $1 million, and her annual income may align with that of a professional sportscaster, such as the average salary of $39,910 at ESPN. Notably, renowned ESPN anchor Keith Olbermann also commands a substantial income in his role at the network.

Omar Abdul Ali Physical Statistics:

Standing tall at 6 feet 2 inches, with a slim build, and weighing 75 kilograms, Omar Abdul Ali possesses a striking presence.

His eyes, deep and dark, gleam with the hue of black, mirroring the depths of his soul, while his jet-black hair stylishly frames his face. His shoe size, a sizable 12.5 in the US measurement, hints at his long and elegant stride. 

Despite his towering stature, Omar carries himself with an effortless grace, his slender frame exuding a sense of poise and confidence.

Whether he’s navigating the bustling city streets or commanding the dance floor as a DJ, his physical attributes complement his charismatic persona.

Omar Abdul Ali is not just defined by his impressive height or sleek physique but by the way, he carries himself with confidence and style, leaving a lasting impression wherever he goes.


Omar Abdul Ali is a celebrated American disco jockey, has seamlessly blended family life with a successful career. From his early days as a passionate high school entertainer to achieving fame in the spotlight, Omar’s journey reflects his dedication to music and commitment to spreading joy. His marriage to Elle Duncan, a gifted personality, adds a layer of love and happiness, evident in the arrival of their daughter, Eva Rose. With a notable net worth of $150,000, Omar’s towering presence at 6 feet 2 inches is not just physical but also reflects his confident and stylish demeanor, leaving an indelible mark in the world of entertainment.


Q: When did Omar Abdul Ali and Elle Duncan get married?

A: Omar and Elle tied the knot on July 9, 2016, in a picturesque ceremony at Villa Caletas Hotel in Jaco, Costa Rica.

Q: How did Omar propose to Elle Duncan?

A: Omar proposed to Elle on July 3, 2015, with a lavish ring on the banks of the Atlanta River.

Q: When was their daughter, Eva Rose, born?

A: Eva Rose was welcomed into their lives on July 25, 2018.

Q: What is Omar Abdul Ali’s net worth?

A: As of 2023, Omar Abdul Ali’s net worth is estimated to be $150,000.

Q: What is Elle Duncan’s net worth?

A: Elle Duncan possesses a significant fortune of $1 million, earned from her career, possibly aligning with the average salary of a professional sportscaster.


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