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Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill

Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill is the son of Marianne Dalgliesh and Colin Cavill. He is of Irish, Scottish, and English origins and was born in the Channel Islands into a Roman Catholic family.

The Cavill family includes of five sons, including Niki, who is currently married but whose family history is little known.

Born in the mid-1970s, Niki did not pursue a career in acting as his younger brother Henry Cavill did. Rather, he rose to fame as a member of the Royal Marines, a high-ranking branch of the Royal Navy.

Niki gained recognition for himself while serving in the Navy’s elite Royal Marines Commandos, an exceptional group.

Despite lacking capes, these special forces personnel have fought in several international battles, garnering praise for their courage and becoming recognized as true heroes.

Among the Royal Marines, Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill is a prominent and esteemed figure. As recognition for his efforts during an operation in Afghanistan, he was awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire or MBE.

NameNiki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill
Height5 ft 8 in
ParentsMarianne Cavill, Colin Cavill
Siblings5 brothers
Net Worth1 million dollars

Early Beginning :

Niki’s journey began in the picturesque environs of Jersey, where he was born into the arms of former stockbroker Colin Cavill and bank secretary Marianne Dalgliesh.

Niki experienced closeness and strong connection that only siblings can understand as a child growing up with four brothers. His early years in Jersey were critical in molding his principles and impacting his future choices.

Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill Military Career:

Niki’s route through the Royal Marines displays his courage and dedication. He displayed his excellent leadership and dedication by rising from the rank of Major to Colonel.

Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill

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He made important military successes during his tenure, including capturing an Afghan Taliban commander. He was awarded the MBE for gallantry in recognition of his valor in a variety of conditions, highlighting his significant military services.

Net Worth:

Niki is in a good financial position; her estimated net worth is between $500k and $1 million. His military employment is his primary source of income.

Niki chooses a lifestyle centered around his family and military duties, as opposed to his brother Henry, who is frequently linked to the glamour and shine of Hollywood. This displays his preference for helping his family and country over the flashy features of riches and celebrity.

Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill Career:

Major (later promoted to Colonel) Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill is currently serving in the UK military, having joined ’45 Commando RM’ of the Royal Marines Corps. His military number is N029348R, and he is now serving in the Royal Navy.

Since April 1, 2011, until September 30, 2011, Niki Cavill has served in Afghanistan with courage and excellence, earning him the title of Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE).

On June 20, 2014, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, and on April 1, 2019, he was made Colonel. He was crucial in taking down a Taliban leader on each of his three tours of duty in Afghanistan.

Actor Henry Cavill is well-known for his roles as Sherlock Holmes and Superman. He got his film debut in “Laguna” in 2001, and he moved on to star in “The Count of Monte Cristo” in 2002.

Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill

Aside from film, he has been in television series such as “The Inspector Lynley Mysteries” (2002), “The Tudors” (2007–10), in which he played Charles, and “The Witcher” (2019–present), where he plays Geralt. In 2014, Henry Cavill won the MTV Movie Award for Best Hero.

Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill Runs for Charity:

Niki stays well so he can continue doing his duty as a Marine. He frequently participates in marathons in favor of charitable organizations, such as the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

The fundraiser’s objectives were to save species that were in danger of going lost and to improve the environment so that it would be enjoyable for all. Henry asked his followers to support the organization’s work online and in person by posting segments of his 13-kilometer run to Instagram.

For five years, the brothers have participated in this fitness challenge, having fun together and staying active for a worthy cause.

For his brothers and everyone else, Niki sets an excellent example. He has devoted a great deal of time to helping, protecting, and promoting peace. I hope more people become aware of his amazing story.

Niki’s Relationship with His Brothers:

Although Niki Cavill avoids spotlight, in 2018 he attended the UK premiere of Mission Impossible – Fallout with the rest of the Cavill family.

The unique proximity between the Cavill siblings is a clear indication of their love for one another. Despite having taken divergent life routes, they never fail to support one another.

For Niki, standing by his younger brother is nothing new. He is regarded as a kind and supportive sibling. Even though he is often seen with his siblings, they would rather not be public about their personal lives.

For example, images of Niki with his well-known brother Henry may have been online, but their older brother Piers, who was in the military, is rarely seen in public. Fans of Henry Cavill are aware that the former soldier is not active on social media and that not much is known about his personal life.

Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill

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Similar to Henry, Simon, a banking and finance professional, leads a peaceful family life with his lady love. Simon was their strongest sibling, and Henry says he went by the nickname Hulk.

Charlie, Henry’s surviving brother, tried acting like Henry, but the outcome wasn’t what he had hoped for. Charlie had a single film look, Stratton, with the support of his family before he decided to choose a different route.


Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill’s life has been one of courage, dedication, and service to both family and country. Rising through the ranks of the Royal Marines, he showcased exemplary leadership and valor, earning him recognition and the prestigious MBE. Unlike his brother Henry, Niki chose a path of military service, prioritizing duty over the allure of Hollywood. His commitment extends beyond the battlefield, as seen in his charitable endeavors, participating in marathons for causes like the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Niki Cavill’s story is a testament to selfless service, family bonds, and making a meaningful impact beyond the spotlight.


Q: Who is Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill?

A: Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill is the older brother of actor Henry Cavill, known for his military career in the Royal Marines.

Q: What is Niki Cavill’s military background?

A: Niki Cavill served in the Royal Marines and rose through the ranks from Major to Colonel, earning recognition for his courage and leadership, particularly in Afghanistan.

Q: Has Niki Cavill been awarded for his military service?

A: Yes, Niki Cavill was awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) for his gallantry during an operation in Afghanistan.

Q: How does Niki Cavill contribute to charity?

A: Niki participates in marathons to raise funds for charitable organizations, such as the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, showcasing his commitment to both fitness and philanthropy.

Q: What is Niki Cavill’s net worth?

A: Niki Cavill’s estimated net worth is between $500,000 and $1 million, primarily derived from his military career.

Q: How does Niki Cavill’s life differ from his brother Henry’s?

A: Unlike his brother Henry, who pursued a career in acting, Niki chose a military path, emphasizing family and service over the glamour of Hollywood.

Q: What is Niki Cavill’s relationship with his brothers?

A: Niki Cavill is known for his close relationship with his brothers, particularly supporting Henry in public appearances. The Cavill siblings maintain a strong bond despite their diverse life paths.


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