Manuela Escobar Bio, Age, Net Worth, Family, Father’s Death

Manuela Escobar

Manuela Escobar the sole daughter of the infamous Colombian drug lord and narco-terrorist Pablo Escobar, known as ‘The King of Cocaine,’ has a fascinating life story.

Her experiences are beyond imagination, as she was cherished by her father, who was considered the richest criminal ever. Pablo Escobar went to great lengths to fulfill even Manuela’s smallest desires.

Full name:Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos
Date of birth:25 May 1984
Age:37 years
Zodiac sign:Gemini
Place of birth:Colombia
Current residence:Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height in feet:5’7″

Manuela Escobar’s Life:

The younger of Pablo Escobar and his wife Maria Victoria Henao’s two children, Manuela Escobar was born on May 25, 1984. Juan Pablo Escobar Henao, her older brother, became an architect and writer after changing his name to Sebastián Marroquín.

Manuela had a very different life than other kids her age, being homeschooled rather than going to public school. This action was done to protect her from her father’s critics.

She was nearly left deaf on January 13, 1988, when her father was the target of a deadly attempt after a vehicle bomb exploded at their Monaco apartment complex. Pablo reportedly attributed the incident to Hélmer Herrera, a drug trafficker from Colombia.

Manuela Escobar

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During her father’s lifetime, Manuela Escobar had a life fit for a princess. Pablo Escobar was a devoted father who would almost do everything it took to fulfill his children’s requests. She once requested a unicorn for her birthday.

Pablo was a caring father who made a unicorn out of a horse for his daughter, even though it was impossible. The horse has wings connected to its back and a cow’s horn glued to its forehead. But in the process, the horse contracted an infection and died.

It was also said that Manuela’s father burnt piles of dollar bills, estimated to be worth $2.0 million when he and his family were hiding on the Medellin mountaintop to keep her from starving to death.

Sources claim that the devoted father responded, “The value of your eyes, my princess,” when the beautiful daughter asked what a billion dollars was worth.

Additionally, according to sources, her father promised her that she would be the last in his family. Pablo’s devotion to his daughter was so great that he forced one of his mistresses to abort her child to prove his dedication.

Life After Pablo Escobar’s Death:

After Pablo Escobar was shot and killed by the Colombian National Police on December 2, 1993, Manuela Escobar’s life took a new turn.

In 1995, she was forced to flee from Colombia with her brother Juan and mother Maria Victoria Henao, who is now known as María Isabel Santos Caballero, leaving behind all the luxury of her life.

Her father’s enemies were after her, so the family first went to Mozambique and then to Brazil in an attempt to flee. The family traveled from nation to nation in search of protection, landing on tourist visas in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and eventually relocating there as citizens of Colombia living in exile.

Manuela Escobar

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In Argentina, Manuela Escobar began her new life as Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos, sharing the new name with her brother and mother. The young child slept with the clothing Pablo wore on his last day because she was so devoted to her father.

Additionally, she used to store some of Pablo’s beard beneath her pillow. She began attending school in Argentina with her brother while her mother gradually rose to fame as a real estate developer.

But just as things were beginning to settle down, one of her mother’s business partners found out who her mother was, and Henao then fled with her money. After being located, Henao spent 1.5 years in jail while her finances were looked at.

Manuela Escobar Net Worth:

When Pablo Escobar passed away in 1993, all of his assets were turned over to the Colombian government; at the time, it was estimated that Escobar was worth £19 billion. As a result, it is unlikely that Manuela Escobar is still holding any money that she got from her father.

Manuela Escobar Personal Life:

Particulars on Manuela Escobar’s hobbies are still hard to come across, despite the great interest in her life. Her attempts at taking on a different identity and protecting her family’s privacy have been successful in keeping her out of the spotlight. It’s still unclear whether she’s married, has a family of her own, or pursues a career.

Manuela Escobar Family:

Finding her has become a challenge for a new generation of amateur investigators due to the public’s ongoing interest in the Escobar family.

Thirty years after his death, people are still interested and intrigued by Pablo Escobar. Countless documentaries and television programs have also been inspired by it.

There is no ignoring Pablo Escobar’s impact on Colombian history. Not only did his actions result in deaths and acts of violence, but they also had an impact on the realms of politics, society, and the economy.

His charitable deeds and charitable work were well-known in his hometown, especially during the early years of his criminal career. Though viewed poorly by the outside world, he was held in high regard in Columbia due to his charitable contributions and efforts for the improvement of the town.

As today’s Robin Hood, Escobar built houses, schools, and other services that local governments could not afford while donating wealth to the poor. He gave money to people in need and supported charitable programs.

Escobar gained a lot of support among those without opportunity by portraying himself as a hero and being seen as a champion of their cause. With the network of devoted supporters he gathered from this support, he was able to become a powerful force in local politics.


Manuela Escobar the daughter of notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar, led a surreal life of privilege and danger. Shielded from public scrutiny through homeschooling, she experienced her father’s extreme devotion, even fulfilling impossible requests. After Pablo’s death, the family faced a perilous escape, finding refuge in Argentina. Despite ongoing interest, Manuela maintains a low profile, leaving her current personal life ambiguous. With Pablo’s assets seized, her net worth remains uncertain. The Escobar legacy endures, stirring curiosity three decades after his demise, while the complex interplay of charity and criminality in his history continues to captivate.


Q1: What happened to Manuela Escobar after her father’s death?

A: Manuela, along with her mother and brother, fled Colombia, seeking safety in Mozambique and Brazil before settling in Argentina, adopting new identities.

Q2: Did Manuela Escobar inherit her father’s wealth?

A: Pablo Escobar’s assets were seized by the Colombian government after his death in 1993, making it unlikely that Manuela inherited significant wealth.

Q3: What is Manuela Escobar’s current name and whereabouts?

A: Currently known as Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos, she resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Details about her current life remain private.

Q4: Is Manuela Escobar married or pursuing a career?

A: Details about her personal life, including marital status and career, remain undisclosed, as she has successfully maintained a low profile.

Q5: How did Pablo Escobar impact Colombian history?

A: Beyond criminal activities, Pablo Escobar’s charitable deeds in his hometown left a lasting impact, building houses, schools, and supporting the poor, creating a complex legacy.


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