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Malachi Barton

Malachi Barton is an American child actor. She is recognized for his contributions to various Disney productions. He brought characters to life such as Beast Diaz in Disney Channel’s “Stuck in the Middle,” Jasper Flores in “Bunk’d,” Marshall in “Under Wraps,” and Tyber in “Just Roll With It.”

Additionally, Malachi lent his voice to characters like Lionel in “Fancy Nancy,” Leo in “Elena of Avalor,” and Colby Madden/Flashform in “The Villains of Valley View.” His versatile talents have made him a notable presence in the realm of Disney entertainment.

Malachi Barton Bio/Wiki

NameMalachi Barton
Date Of Birth March 10, 2010
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Place of Birth Virgina Beach, Virgina, USA
Occupation Actor, Voice Actor
Mother Name Felicia Barton 
Father Name Lauren Barton
Weight 55 kg
Shoe Size 6 US
Eye Color Dark Brown 
Hair ColorBlonde
Net Worth $800 – 900 Million ( approx)

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Malachi Barton Career Life:

Malachi Barton was born in Colorado, and he comes from a family that really loves music. His mom is a singer who has released some songs that people really like, and his dad is also a musician who plays the guitar in some of his mom’s songs.

Malachi is the only child in his family, and he gets a lot of support from both his parents. Since his family is often busy with work like shooting and recording, they make sure to go on vacations together to have fun and spend time as a family.

Malachi is a fan of having fun and going on adventures. Since he doesn’t have any real brothers or sisters, the kids who play his siblings on the TV show ‘Stuck in the Middle’ are like his own brothers and sisters. Right now, he’s working really hard to make his parents proud.

Malachi Barton started his acting journey in 2011, debuting in the TV show “Workaholics.” A year later, in 2012, he played the character ‘Bobby’ in the sitcom “See Dad Run.” Malachi also appeared in “Instant Mom” as ‘Trevor’ in a specific episode.

Alongside his television success, he became the face of brands like Lay’s Potato Chips, McDonalds, and Kmart. In 2016, he landed a significant role as ‘Beast Diaz’ in the Disney show “Stuck in the Middle” and received his official Disney ID, known as the ‘Disney Wand.’

Currently, Malachi is working on the second season of the show, and he has more exciting projects ahead.

What Is so Special About Malachi Barton?:

Malachi Barton age

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Malachi Barton has been in the spotlight since he was just two years old when his mom shared a video of him playing drums, and it became really popular.

Even with all the success, Malachi has stayed down-to-earth. He enjoys having a good time on TV sets and meeting his fans, treating them like friends rather than fans. Like any regular nine-year-old, he loves playing and watching sports.

When he talks in interviews, he sounds honest and sincere, always respecting the people asking him questions. He’s polite, smart, and has a love for music, thanks to his parents’ background in the music industry. With his friendly and talented personality, Malachi is sure to have more success in the future.

Malachi Barton Interest and Hobbies:

Just like his mom, Malachi Barton really loves baseball. He not only enjoys watching baseball games but also plays the sport himself. Even though he hasn’t had formal music training, he enjoys playing musical instruments. Watching kids’ movies is another thing he really likes.

Malachi was even lucky enough to attend premieres for movies like ‘The Jungle Book,’ ‘Moana,’ and ‘The BFG,’ where he got to take pictures with his favorite stars.

He enjoys hanging out and playing with his co-stars on the TV show, and he likes playing pranks on them. Malachi also loves to dance and can start dancing at any time. He has a lot of fun filming exciting scenes for his show, like swinging on a rope. Recently, he’s been exploring the app, which is now called TikTok, and spends his free time making fun videos.

Malachi Barton Movies and Tv Shows:

  1. The villain of valley view ( 2022)
  2. Fancy Nancy ( 2018 – 2022)
  3. Under Wraps ( 2021)
  4. Elena of Avalor ( 2020)
  5. Just roll with it ( 2020)
  6. Bunk’d ( 2019)
  7. Dora and the lost city of Gold 
  8. Super power beat down ( 2019)
  9. Stuck in the middle ( 2016 – 2018)
  10. Instant Mom ( 2015 )
  11. Henry Danger (2015)
  12. See Dad Run ( 2014)
  13. Workaholics(2014)

Malachi Barton Age, Height And Weight:

Malachi Barton weighs 55 kilograms and is 5 feet 3 inches tall. His shoe size is 6 in the United States. He has dark brown eyes and blonde hair.

These are some details about how he looks, like how much he weighs, how tall he is, and the color of his eyes and hair.

Net Worth:

it’s estimated to be around 800 to 900 million dollars. This is just an approximate amount, but it shows that he has earned a great deal of money from his work in movies and TV shows.This substantial financial success reflects the significant accomplishments and contributions he has made in his career as a young actor.

While the exact figure may vary, it highlights Malachi’s impressive standing in the entertainment industry and underscores his financial prosperity at such a young age.

Interestiong Facts: 

  1. He have also did voiceover artist work 
  2. Even, he was appeared in Disney Fan Fest 
  3. He is also a trained skateboarder, isn’t it amazing!
  4. He is fond of swimming and bike racing 
  5. He is more of professional dancer and have performed with stars


Malachi Barton, the talented American actor and voiceover artist, has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. With a versatile career spanning Disney productions like “Stuck in the Middle” and “Fancy Nancy,” Malachi’s charm extends beyond the screen. As a skilled musician, baseball enthusiast, and prankster on set, his down-to-earth nature resonates with fans. With numerous achievements at a young age, including significant brand endorsements, Malachi Barton’s journey continues, promising more excitement and success in the future.


1. What is Malachi Barton’s most notable role?

  • Malachi gained recognition for his role as Beast Diaz in Disney Channel’s “Stuck in the Middle.”

2. When did Malachi Barton start his acting career?

  • Malachi Barton began his acting journey in 2011, debuting in the TV show “Workaholics.”

3. What are Malachi Barton’s hobbies?

  • Malachi enjoys baseball, playing musical instruments, watching kids’ movies, and exploring the app (now TikTok).

4. How much is Malachi Barton’s estimated net worth?

  • Malachi’s net worth is estimated to be around $800 to $900 million, showcasing his significant success in the entertainment industry.

5. What other Disney shows has Malachi Barton been a part of?

  • Apart from “Stuck in the Middle,” Malachi has appeared in “Fancy Nancy,” “Bunk’d,” “Elena of Avalor,” and “Just Roll With It,” among others.

6. Is Malachi Barton involved in any voiceover work?

  • Yes, Malachi has contributed as a voiceover artist, lending his voice to characters in various productions.

7. What are some of Malachi Barton’s favorite activities?

  • Malachi is a trained skateboarder, enjoys swimming, bike racing, and is known for his skills as a professional dancer.


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