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Kathleen McLaughlin holds important roles at Walmart, serving as the Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer. She’s also the President of the Walmart Foundation. In her key positions, Kathleen leads efforts to make Walmart more sustainable, create economic opportunities, support diversity and inclusion, and strengthen communities.

In charge of Walmart’s sustainability programs, Kathleen works on making the supply chain more sustainable, promoting diversity and inclusion, and helping communities grow.

She collaborates with Walmart employees, suppliers, nonprofits, and others to make positive and lasting changes in economic, social, and environmental aspects.

One notable success under Kathleen’s leadership is Project Gigaton™, launched in 2017. It involves getting suppliers to take action against climate change by reducing or avoiding one billion metric tons of greenhouse gases from the global value chain by 2030. So far, over 5,200 suppliers have joined, resulting in more than 750 million metric tons of CO2 emissions being reduced or avoided.

Kathleen, during her time at Walmart, has been really focused on helping others. Since 2006, Walmart and Sam’s Club have given over 7.5 billion pounds of food to Feeding America food banks. They’ve also provided more than $105 million for getting ready for and dealing with disasters since 2019.

Before Kathleen came to Walmart in 2013, she worked for a long time at a big company called McKinsey & Company. In 2018, Fortune magazine said she was one of the top 50 leaders in the world. That shows how much she’s done to help businesses, charities, and society.

In addition to her impressive work accomplishments, Kathleen is actively involved in various boards and advisory roles, such as the Council on Foundations, the World Wildlife Fund, World Resources Institute, and The Nature Conservancy.

She is also a sought-after speaker on how businesses can contribute to society, participating in events hosted by prestigious organizations like the New York Times, Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, and the World Economic Forum.

Kathleen’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Boston University, a Master of Arts in politics, philosophy, and economics from Balliol College at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, and a diploma in theology from Oxford.

Married with three children, Kathleen manages her time between Bentonville, Arkansas, and Toronto, Ontario, skillfully balancing her professional commitments with her family life.

Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin Wiki:

Name Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin 
Date of Birth April, 1979
Age 44 years old ( as of 2023)
Profession Teacher 
EducationIndiana University
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Martial Status Unmarried ( Divorced) 
Husband Name Jared Fogle
Kids Name Quinn Fogle and Brady Fogle 
Height 5’8
Eye Color Green 
Hair Color Dark Brown 
Net Worth $4 Million 

About Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin:

Kathleen Marie McLaughlin, born in April 1979, is a devoted teacher known for her strong commitment to education. She has a background in teaching and a deep passion for helping young minds grow. Kathleen’s career has been all about making sure her students develop and learn in the best way possible.

She went to Indiana University to learn about teaching, where she gained the knowledge and skills needed to make a positive impact in the classroom.

Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin 

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Kathleen’s education has given her a solid foundation to build her career upon. She works hard to create fun and meaningful learning experiences for her students.

Apart from her job, Kathleen’s strong Christian faith is a big part of her life. It gives her strength and guidance, influencing her values and actions at work and in her personal life.

Kathleen is proudly American and really values diversity, inclusivity, and opportunity – all important aspects of her country. She loves her country and wants to make a positive impact on its future. Kathleen is dedicated to making a difference in her students’ lives and her community.

As she turns 44 in 2023, Kathleen Marie McLaughlin continues to inspire and help others through her love for teaching, her strong faith, and her commitment to serving others. Every year, she stays focused on her goal of shaping the minds and hearts of the next generation, leaving behind a legacy of knowledge, kindness, and excellence.

Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin Career Life:

Kathleen McLaughlin is not just a corporate professional; she’s got a diverse set of skills that go beyond the business world. Besides her successful career, Kathleen has a degree in photography and has experience as a teacher, showing her love for the arts and education.

Apart from her academic and teaching background, Kathleen is also known for her acting abilities. She’s been in various roles, notably in the 2010 film “Customer Service.” Kathleen takes on the challenges of acting with enthusiasm, bringing authenticity and depth to her performances on screen. Her versatility and skill captivate audiences.

Apart from her on-screen work, Kathleen has also left her mark in the modeling world. She brings grace and elegance to various campaigns and endorsements, making her a sought-after figure in the industry. Kathleen collaborates with well-known companies to bring their ideas to life.

In every aspect of her career, Kathleen McLaughlin radiates creativity, dedication, and professionalism. Whether she’s portraying characters in movies, capturing moments with her camera, or inspiring others in the classroom, Kathleen’s passion for her work is evident. Her impact is lasting on everyone fortunate enough to experience her talent.

Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin’s Physical Attributes:

Standing proudly at a height of 5 feet 8 inches, Kathleen Marie McLaughlin has a noticeable presence that captures attention. Her bright green eyes show intelligence and depth, giving a glimpse into her thoughtful nature. Adding to her captivating look is her beautiful dark brown hair, flowing gracefully around her shoulders with an air of sophistication.

More than just her appearance, Kathleen is a person of strength and determination that shows in everything she does. Her height reflects her big dreams, and her focused gaze reveals her confidence and grace as she moves through life.

Kathleen not only looks amazing but also shows her strong and lively personality in everything she does. Whether she’s following her interests, having meaningful talks, or facing challenges, she does it with a clear sense of purpose and calmness that leaves a lasting impression.

With her captivating green eyes and dark brown hair that frames her face like a crown, Kathleen is all set to overcome any obstacles that come her way. She stands tall as an inspiration and empowerment, ready to leave her mark on the world in her own special way.

Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin Husband, Family, Kids and More:

Jared Fogle, known as a motivational speaker and American ambassador, used to be married to Kathleen, but they aren’t married anymore. They first met in 2000 through Jared’s brother, and in November 2009, Jared proposed to Kathleen at her university. They got married in August 2010, surrounded by loved ones.

Kathleen, who is two years younger than Jared, became his second wife, and they were married for over a decade. Unfortunately, they separated in November 2015 due to Jared’s involvement in child pornography, which played a significant role in their divorce.

During their marriage, Kathleen and Jared had two children: Quinn Fogle and Brady Fogle, born in 2010 and 2011. Quinn and Brady brought happiness to their family.

After the divorce, Kathleen took sole custody of her two children, becoming a dedicated mother focused on providing love and stability for them. Despite the family’s challenges, Kathleen remains committed to her children’s well-being above everything else.

Kathleen Marie Husband’s Rumor and Facts:

In a candid interview with CBS This Morning, Kathleen revealed the harrowing moment when she learned of her husband’s disturbing secret. Completely unaware of Jared’s involvement in sex crimes against minors, Kathleen’s world was shattered when the FBI conducted a raid on their family home in Zionsville, Indiana, where they resided with their two young children.

The sudden intrusion of law enforcement agents into their lives left Kathleen in a state of shock and disbelief. She recounted the surreal experience of seeing the FBI at their doorstep, a moment that would forever alter the course of her life.

Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin 

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Kathleen’s initial reaction was one of utter bewilderment and confusion, unable to comprehend the gravity of the situation unfolding before her eyes.

Reflecting on that fateful day, Kathleen admitted that she was completely blindsided by the revelations brought to light by the FBI.

The realization that her husband was embroiled in such heinous crimes against innocent children was incomprehensible to her. She struggled to reconcile the image of the man she knew with the horrifying truth exposed by the authorities.

In the middle of all the confusion and trouble, Kathleen was dealing with a lot of different feelings. First, she was shocked and couldn’t believe what was happening.

But as she started to accept the terrible truth about her husband, she felt deeply betrayed and really sad. This moment would stay with her forever, and it marked the start of a tough journey toward feeling better.

The FBI coming into her home was a clear reminder that innocence can be fragile, and life can be very unpredictable. After finding out about her husband’s actions, Kathleen had to face the harsh realities and think about how it would affect her family.

Even though she went through a lot of pain, Kathleen showed how strong and brave she was. She became a source of hope as she worked hard to rebuild her life and keep her children safe from more harm.

Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin Net Worth:

Kathleen Marie McLaughlin, a well-respected teacher known for her strong commitment to education, has a net worth of around $4 million. Her success is a result of her lifelong dedication to helping students learn and enjoy education.

Kathleen worked hard in school, and her investment in education has paid off both personally and professionally. With her knowledge and experience, she has built a successful career that has not only benefited her but has also positively influenced the lives of many students.

As a proud American, Kathleen’s net worth represents the opportunities available in her home country. She strongly believes in the transformative power of education and continues to invest in her students’ futures, understanding that the impact of this investment is immeasurable.

In a world where education is incredibly valuable, Kathleen’s net worth highlights the significance of investing in knowledge and cultivating a love for learning. By making a positive difference in the lives of her students and community, Kathleen’s financial success reflects the lasting impact of her dedication to education.


Kathleen McLaughlin is a multifaceted individual, excelling both in corporate leadership and education. As Walmart’s Chief Sustainability Officer, she spearheads initiatives fostering sustainability, diversity, and community growth. Notably, her leadership in Project Gigaton™ has made substantial strides in combating climate change. Beyond her corporate role, Kathleen is a devoted teacher, embodying her commitment to education, faith, and community service. Her resilience through personal challenges, including a high-profile divorce, showcases her strength. With a net worth of $4 million, Kathleen’s success reflects not only financial achievement but also the enduring impact of her dedication to education and societal betterment.


Q: What is Kathleen McLaughlin’s role at Walmart?

A: Kathleen McLaughlin holds the positions of Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at Walmart, also serving as the President of the Walmart Foundation. She leads efforts to enhance sustainability, economic opportunities, diversity, and community support.

Q: What is Project Gigaton™, and what has been its impact?

A: Launched in 2017, Project Gigaton™ is a Walmart initiative engaging suppliers to reduce one billion metric tons of greenhouse gases by 2030. Over 5,200 suppliers have joined, resulting in over 750 million metric tons of CO2 emissions reduction or avoidance.

Q: How has Kathleen contributed to philanthropy?

A: Kathleen, through Walmart and Sam’s Club, has donated over 7.5 billion pounds of food to Feeding America food banks since 2006. Additionally, they’ve provided over $105 million for disaster preparedness and relief since 2019.

Q: What educational background does Kathleen have?

A: Kathleen holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Boston University, a Master of Arts from Balliol College at Oxford University, and a diploma in theology from Oxford.

Q: Can you elaborate on Kathleen’s personal life and divorce?

A: Kathleen was married to Jared Fogle, known for his involvement in child pornography, leading to their divorce in 2015. They have two children, Quinn and Brady, with Kathleen taking sole custody after the separation.

Q: What is Kathleen McLaughlin’s net worth?

A: Kathleen’s net worth is approximately $4 million, reflecting her success as a dedicated teacher and her commitment to education, sustainability, and societal well-being.


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