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Heath Cordes

Heath Cordes was born in 2002 in Arab, Alabama, USA, and he spent his childhood in Cullman, Alabama. He’s an American of White descent, and he follows the Christian faith.

Heath is into comedy, making people laugh with his unique sense of humor. Coming from the southern United States, he has created a special place for himself in the comedy scene with his distinct style and clever jokes.

NameHeath Cordes
OccupationStand-up comedian
Age 22 years old
Date of Birth2002
HometownCullman, Alabama, USA
School / CollegeLocal High School
Known asStand-up comedian

Heath Cordes Career:

A few years ago, Heath Cordes started his career in comedy. On October 11, 2021, he made his funny debut. He revealed the moment on one of his private Instagram posts.

At the coffee shop, Heath took a risk and showed off his stand-up comedy skills. He was able to obtain a location to perform for an hour in exchange for one microphone each week. However, his skills enable him to join the famous stand-up community.

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Heath quit stopping himself from improving his comic skills. He was forced to quit and decided to relocate to Austin, Texas, after receiving a callback from Joe Rogan’s comic club, comic the mother ship.

Following his several performances in Kill Tony, Heath received a Golden Prize ticket and called “The finest bucketpole of all time” by Tony. Heath can put on a strong performance that allows him to obtain a golden price tag.

Heath Cordes Girlfriend:

Nevertheless, Heath is single at the moment and hasn’t dated anyone else. While having been on various well-known shows and locations, his focus remains on breaking new ground in his comic career.

During the gathering with his friends, Heath himself appeared content to enjoy his alone. He meets out with comedians all the time.

Heath Cordes Age, Height And Weight:

Growth hormone lack is a rare disorder that limits Heath’s growth. This makes him look a lot younger than his real age of 22, as evidenced by his small frame, fresh face, and high-pitched voice. Heath weighs approximately 48 kg and stands five feet tall. He’s got blonde hair and grey eyes. He also has the words “No half measures” tattooed on his arm.

Age22 years
Height5 feet
Weight48 kg
Eye ColorGrey
Hair ColorBlonde
Shoe Size4.5 (US)

Heath Cordes makes people chuckle with his unique characteristics. He makes funny remarks about his appearance, age, being small, and dating. When talking about his feelings and thoughts, he is content and confident in himself.

Heath Cordes Early Life and Family:

Heath grew up in Cullman after being born in Arab, Alabama, to American parents. Although he has kept his family’s identity a secret, he has noticed their backing for his comic aspirations. Despite having completed high school, nothing is known about his college career.

Heath considers his mother to be his closest friend, and the two of them share a deep bond. On social media, he posts snippets of his family’s moments and thanks them for their unwavering love and support.

He talks about their happiness in his successes and enjoyment in his accomplishments, without disclosing their identities.

With other comedians, particularly those whom he met through Kill Tony, Heath has forged friendships. He likes to spend time with them and work with them on various projects.

By demonstrating respect for his buddy and mentor, Tony Hinchcliffe, and his hero and inspiration, Joe Rogan, he displays how much he recognizes these ties within the comedy world.

Heath Cordes Net Worth:

By 2023, Heath Cordes is expected to have a $100,000 net worth. That sum is pretty considerable for a young comic like him who is still breaking records in his industry. The regularity of his stand-up comedy career has had a gradual effect on his fortune, which may increase in the future.

Heath Cordes Podcast Show:

Recently, Heath Codes made an appearance on the YouTube weekly live broadcast show KillTony, which is based in Austin, Texas.

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He won the Golden Ticket on the podcast, enabling him to reach viewers all around the world. Tony Hinchcliffe and Brian Redban serve as hosts of the program. In a matter of months, Heath Cordes gained 25K Instagram followers.

His time on the show was well received by the audience, who wished him well with his skill. The kid comedian’s amazing talent and sense of humor took the whole audience by surprise.

Interesting Facts About Heath Cordes:

Birth and Early Years: Heath Cordes was born in Arab, Alabama, USA, and grew up in Cullman, Alabama. He was born in 2002, so he’s currently 21 years old.

Height Challenge: Heath Cordes is shorter than average for a guy because of a growth hormone deficiency.

Nickname: People know him as “Heath,” especially in the stand-up comedy world.

Move to Austin: To pursue his comedy dream, Heath moved to Austin, Texas. Joe Rogan’s Comedy Club’s callback influenced this decision.

Golden Ticket Win: Heath got a golden ticket on Kill Tony, earning him the title of “The greatest bucketpole of all-time” by Tony.

Comedy Involvement: After the golden ticket, he took part in various events, like the Kill Tony Arena Show with Rick Diaz on New Year’s Eve in 2024.

Early Struggles: In the beginning, he performed in coffee shops, limited to one open mic per week since the nearest venue was an hour away.

Appearance on Kill Tony: His standout moment was on Kill Tony, where he got the golden ticket, a big achievement in his comedy career.

Net Worth: Right now, Heath Cordes’ estimated net worth is $100,000, mainly from his stand-up comedy career.


Born in Arab, Alabama, in 2002, Heath Cordes has quickly become well-known in the comedy world thanks to his unusual humor and sharp one-liners. His funny skill shines through despite growth hormone problems and he wins a Golden Prize on Kill Tony. Heath moved to Austin, Texas, and his career took off after being influenced by Joe Rogan’s Comedy Club return. He stays committed to his craft because of his supportive family and the friendships he has made in the comedy community. Heath, who is 22 years old and has an estimated net worth of $100,000, is a rising star in the comedy industry because of his capacity to captivate audiences.


Q: What is Heath Cordes’ net worth?

A: As of 2023, Heath Cordes has an estimated net worth of $100,000.

Q: How did Heath Cordes start his comedy career?

A: Heath made his comedy debut in a coffee shop on October 11, 2021, eventually gaining recognition through the Kill Tony podcast, where he received a Golden Prize.

Q: Why did Heath Cordes move to Austin, Texas?

A: Heath moved to Austin to pursue his comedy dream, influenced by a callback from Joe Rogan’s Comedy Club.

Q: What is Heath Cordes’ standout achievement in his comedy career?

A: Heath earned the title “The greatest bucketpole of all time” by Tony after winning a Golden Ticket on Kill Tony.

Q: Is Heath Cordes currently in a relationship?

A: No, Heath is currently single and focused on advancing his career in comedy.

Q: What is unique about Heath Cordes’ appearance in the comedy scene?

A: Heath’s distinctive style and ability to make humor out of his growth hormone deficiency contribute to his uniqueness in the comedy world.


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