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Crisda Rodriguez is an amazing person known for her achievements in the entertainment world. People really like her because she’s determined and confident. Crisda has a great family, including her parents, siblings, and a pet! She’s also quite tall and strong, which is really cool.

Crisda has many friends who think highly of her. She’s been in lots of movies and TV shows because she’s so talented. If you want to learn more about Crisda Rodriguez, you can check out her Wikipedia page.

Crisda Rodriguez Bio/Wiki:

NameCrisda Rodriguez
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer
Date of BirthAugust 18, 1978
Age45-year old
Birth PlaceDominican Republic
Marital StatusMarried
Husband NameKiandra Pinto
NationalityDominican Republic

Crisda Rodriguez Early Life

Crisda Rodriguez was born on August 18, 1978, in the Dominican Republic. In 2023, she will turn 45. Her parents are Pedro F. Rodriguez and Isabel Cruz. She has a sister named Yaritza and a brother named Pedro Jr.

Crisda grew up in a Christian home and had a strong belief in God. She moved to the United States when she was three years old and settled in New Jersey. In 1996, she graduated from Passaic High School. Later, she continued her education at Bergen Community College, where she earned a degree in business administration.

Crisda Rodriguez Career

Crisda Rodriguez has had a successful and diverse career in various fields. She started as a personal trainer in 2009, helping many people achieve their fitness goals at LA Fitness. Later, she ventured into fashion and styling, working at Xios in Clifton, NJ, where she became the store’s stylist and social media developer. Crisda has also appeared on TV shows like Glam Fairy and Buenos Dias New York.

In 2015, she launched Kyrz’s Closet, an online store featuring her unique style in clothing, accessories, shoes, and bags. She also started a blog and Instagram account, sharing fashion tips, reviews, collaborations, and inspirations with her followers.


Crisda became a popular fashion blogger on Instagram, collaborating with well-known brands like Revolve, Nordstrom, Express, Macy’s, Forever 21, H&M, and Zara. She attended major fashion events like New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, and Coachella.

She was well-known for her unique and flexible way of putting together expensive and affordable items. People praised her positive outlook, honesty, and friendly nature. Her motto, “Passion is what keeps me going,” inspired many others.

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Crisda Rodriguez Husband

Crisda Rodriguez loved being a mom to her daughter Kiandra Pinto, who was born in 1997. She was always there for Kiandra and supported her in everything.

Kiandra took after her mom and became a fashion blogger too. Crisda was once married to Luis Pinto, Kiandra’s dad, but they got divorced in 2012 after being married for 15 years. Even after the divorce, Crisda and Luis stayed connected and worked together to raise their daughter.

Crisda Rodriguez Wife

Crisda Rodriguez, originally named Kyrzayda Rodriguez, used to be married to Luis Pinto for 15 years, but they got divorced in 2012. They have a daughter named Kiandra, born in 1997.

Even though Crisda and Luis are no longer married, they still get along and work together to take care of Kiandra. Crisda, who is Kiandra’s mom, has a strong connection with her daughter and encourages her to pursue her dreams.

Kiandra continued her mom’s fashion legacy and became a popular fashion blogger, just like Crisda. Even though Crisda was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer, she stayed strong and happy, inspiring her fans. Her role as a loving mom and her impact on the fashion world created a lasting legacy cherished by her loved ones and fans.

Crisda Rodriguez Death

Crisda Rodriguez, who was 40 years old, passed away in September 2018 after bravely fighting stomach cancer for 10 months. She lost her battle with stage 4 stomach cancer in New Jersey, USA.

Crisda was diagnosed in November 2017 and decided to stop her chemotherapy treatment in August 2018 to spend her remaining time pain-free with her family and friends.

Crisda Rodriguez Last Words

Crisda Rodriguez thought deeply about how different her life had become. Even though she once owned the fanciest car and had a house full of expensive things, she now relied on a wheelchair and lay in a hospital bed with just a simple sheet.

Her bank accounts were full of money, but she realized that it couldn’t make her feel better. The memories of her luxurious life felt distant as she struggled to get to the hospital.

Once, she was famous for giving autographs, but now she could only sign a doctor’s note. She used to have seven beauticians, but now she had lost her hair.


Instead of enjoying delicious meals, she could only have two tablets a day and salt water at night. Crisda’s reflections showed that money and fame didn’t bring comfort when facing serious illness. She understood that real happiness came from making others smile.

As she neared the end of her life, she knew that death was the ultimate reality that everyone faces, no matter their possessions or achievements.

Crisda Rodriguez’s powerful message reminds us that the true meaning of life is in making a positive impact on others.

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Crisda Rodriguez Net Worth

Crisda Rodriguez built up a wealth of around $700,000 through her various roles as a social media influencer, model, blogger, designer, and writer. This allowed her to lead a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

Her career started as a personal trainer at LA Fitness in 2009. Later on, she created her own fitness app called K-Fit. She also worked at a boutique called Xios, where she became known for her skills as a stylist and social media expert.

Facts About Crisda Rodriguez

  • In 2009, she started working as a personal trainer at LA Fitness, helping many clients achieve their fitness goals and improve their overall well-being.
  • In 2015, Crisda created her own online store, Kyrz’s Closet, where she featured her unique style through clothing, accessories, shoes, and bags.
  • She regularly attended top-notch fashion events like New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, and Coachella, showcasing her one-of-a-kind and versatile fashion sense that blended high-end and affordable pieces.
  • Crisda Rodriguez, with an estimated net worth of approximately $10 to $15 million, enjoyed a life of luxury and extravagance. She even owned a private jet for convenient and comfortable travel.
  • Her possessions included the world’s most expensive branded car, and her house was filled with designer clothes, shoes, and valuable items.


Crisda Rodriguez, a remarkable individual known for her multifaceted career in fitness, fashion, and social media, left an indelible mark on the entertainment world. Her journey, marked by determination, positivity, and a deep connection with her daughter Kiandra, ended tragically with her battle against stage 4 stomach cancer. Despite wealth and fame, Crisda’s final reflections emphasized the importance of making a positive impact on others. Her legacy as a loving mother, influential fashion blogger, and resilient fighter resonates beyond material possessions, reminding us of the true meaning of life.

FAQs About Crisda Rodriguez:

Q: When did Crisda Rodriguez pass away?
A: Crisda Rodriguez passed away in September 2018 after a 10-month battle with stage 4 stomach cancer.

Q: What was Crisda Rodriguez’s net worth?
A: Crisda Rodriguez’s estimated net worth was around $700,000, accumulated through her roles as a social media influencer, model, blogger, designer, and writer.

Q: How did Crisda Rodriguez start her career?
A: Crisda began her career in 2009 as a personal trainer at LA Fitness, later transitioning into fashion and styling, and eventually launching her own online store, Kyrz’s Closet, in 2015.

Q: Who was Crisda Rodriguez’s daughter?
A: Crisda Rodriguez’s daughter is named Kiandra Pinto, who followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a popular fashion blogger.

Q: What was Crisda Rodriguez’s message before her death?
A: In her final moments, Crisda reflected on the fleeting nature of material possessions and fame, emphasizing the importance of making others smile and creating a positive impact.

Q: How did Crisda Rodriguez contribute to the fashion world?
A: Crisda Rodriguez became a popular fashion blogger on Instagram, collaborating with renowned brands, attending major fashion events, and showcasing her unique and versatile style, blending high-end and affordable pieces.


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