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Candice Mishler

Candice Mishler is an amazing woman who has achieved a lot in her life. She was born in Arizona in 1987 and had an adventurous childhood, enjoying camping and shooting with her father.

Now 36 years old as of 2023, Candice didn’t let anything stop her from chasing her dreams. Despite being close to her dad, she’s a strong and independent woman who has built a successful name for herself.

Candice Mishler Bio:

Real NameCandice Mishler
Birth Date1987
Age (as of 2023)36 Years
Birth PlaceArizona, United States
ProfessionHunter, Fisher & TV Personality

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Candice Mishler Early Life

Candice Mishler was born in 1987 in Arizona. As a kid, she was more of a tomboy and considered herself a daddy’s girl. She loved doing everything with her dad, like working on trucks, camping, and shooting on weekends. Instead of playing with dolls, she took mechanics classes suggested by her father.

He wanted her to be independent and strong, which led her to fall in love with outdoor activities like fishing, camping, and hunting. Today, Candice lives just 10 minutes away from her dad, and they have a strong bond.

Candice Mishler Career

Candice Mishler has previously been featured on TV shows like “90-Day Fiancé: The Single Life Season 3” and “Naked and Afraid Season 15.” Her journey to “Naked and Afraid” started when the show’s cast discovered her on Instagram and invited her to join as a TV personality.

Initially skeptical, Candice went through the selection process and became one of the cast members. Despite facing mental challenges from being away from her family, she embraced the daily obstacles and developed her skills.

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Candice, who is involved in TV shows, also runs a family-owned company called Doege Development. The company focuses on commercial development in various locations, including Arizona, Texas, and Nevada. Acting as a male figure in her family and work, Candice is motivated to work hard.

She grew up fishing and hunting, and her passion led her to become a member of Run’n Arrow, a group of hunters in Peoria, Arizona. Candice, a seasoned hunter, even owns a yacht. Her TV debut came through “90 Day Fiance: The Single Life” on TLC.

Candice Mishler Relationship

According to public records and In Contact magazine, Candice and Josh got divorced in 2014. They have a 16-year-old child named Jett. Even though they are no longer together, Candice and Josh work together to raise their child. Josh mentioned they have a long history dating back to their teenage years.

Candice shared that they decided to end their romantic relationship because they believed they would be better off as friends. Currently, Candice is dating someone else.

There was an agreement between Josh and Candice that Natalie, Josh’s new partner, would meet Josh’s ex before meeting their child. This is exactly what happened as per the arrangement.

Mishler Dating Parents And Siblings

Candice Mishler comes from a really loving and supportive family. Her parents are awesome and have always told her to chase her dreams and never give up.

Candice has some amazing siblings who’ve stuck with her through thick and thin. Her family is like her super strong foundation, and she’s really thankful for their constant love and support.

Whether they’re cheering her on when she does something great or being there for her when things get tough, Candice’s parents and siblings are always by her side. Their connection is super strong, and they’re her biggest fans as she takes on the world.

Candice Mishler Age, Height And Weight

Candice Mishler, who is 36 years old as of 2023, is 5’7″ tall and weighs 58kg. She has a slim and athletic body due to her energetic and adventurous lifestyle. Always on the move, Candice stays in good shape and has a vibrant appearance with glowing skin and a radiant smile.

She values her overall well-being and stresses the importance of being fit and strong. Candice believes that taking care of both the body and mind is crucial, and she encourages others to prioritize their health.

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Candice Mishler Hobbies

Reading: Candice really enjoys reading and losing herself in the pages of a good book. Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, or self-help, she thinks books have the power to inspire and teach.

Writing: Candice is a great writer and loves to write in her free time. She enjoys letting her imagination go wild and creating interesting stories that connect with readers.

Traveling: Candice is passionate about exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. She loves discovering the beauty and diversity of the world, from beautiful landscapes to busy cities.

Spending time with family: Family is important to Candice, and she values the moments spent with her loved ones. Whether it’s playing games together or having a simple dinner, she believes in the importance of connecting and creating memories.


Candice Mishler was born in Arizona in 1987 and has achieved a lot in her 36 years of life. From her thrilling childhood with her father to her rise to prominence as a television personality on shows like “Naked and Afraid” and “90-Day Fiancé,” Candice embodies resilience and independence. She maintains close family ties, balances a family-run business with her TV career, and navigates life with grace. Despite their previous divorce, Candice is focused on co-parenting with her ex-husband and has found new love. Because of her wide range of interests, love of family, and dedication to well-being, Candice is an inspiring person.

FAQs About Candice Mishler:

Q: How did Candice Mishler enter the TV industry?
A: Candice’s TV journey began when she was discovered on Instagram and invited to join “Naked and Afraid.” She later appeared on “90-Day Fiancé: The Single Life Season 3.”

Q: What is Candice’s involvement in the family-owned company, Doege Development?
A: Candice is actively engaged in Doege Development, which focuses on commercial development in various locations, including Arizona, Texas, and Nevada.

Q: Is Candice still in contact with her ex-husband, Josh?
A: Yes, despite their divorce in 2014, Candice and Josh work together to raise their 16-year-old child, Jett. They maintain a friendship and co-parenting relationship.

Q: What are Candice’s hobbies?
A: Candice enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and spending quality time with her family. She values the importance of both physical and mental well-being.

Q: How tall and fit is Candice Mishler?
A: As of 2023, Candice, at 36 years old, is 5’7″ tall and weighs 58kg. Her energetic and adventurous lifestyle contributes to her slim and athletic body.


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