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Bubble Bratz

Bubblebratz, also known as Maddie May in real life, is a well-experienced American model and a popular TikTok star. She’s gained significant popularity not only for her content on private platforms but also for her engaging presence on TikTok, where she has amassed a large and dedicated following.

Her journey into the spotlight began with her private account, and she has since become one of the top content creators on the platform. Maddie, or Bubblebratz, has around 15.7 million likes on her posts, showcasing her dedication to creating engaging content for her audience.

She’s not only active on TikTok but also participates in various podcast videos, and several YouTubers are eager to interview her for insights into her life, career, and her exclusive content on Bubblebratz OnlyFans.

Many people are curious about her background, how she made her fortune, and where she’s from. In this article, we’ll explore these questions and more.

Get ready to uncover unique facts about Bubblebratz, including the possibility of a boyfriend, as we delve into the secrets and details of this social media influencer’s life and career.

Bubble Bratz Bio/Wiki

Real NameMaddie May
Nick NameBubble Bratz
Date Of BirthFebruary 2, 2000
Place Of BirthUnited States
Zodiac SignNot Available
ProfessionModel, TikTok Star, OnlyFans Star

Bubble Bratz Career

Before gaining fame, Bubble Bratz started her career as a dancer and stripper in her hometown. She decided to try her luck by sharing pictures and videos on social media, particularly on Instagram, in 2010. Her content became popular, leading her to enter the modeling world.

Her striking appearance caught the attention of directors, paving the way for her to become an actress. Maddie’s outstanding performance eventually led to an offer to work in the adult entertainment industry.

In no time, she gained international attention and a large fan base due to the content she created. To monetize her popularity, she took on roles in adult movies and secured modeling gigs within the entertainment industry.

Simultaneously, she set up an OnlyFans account to sell exclusive photos and videos. On this platform, customers pay a subscription fee either monthly or annually to access her content.

Bubble Bratz Physical Appearance

Meet Bubble Bratz, she’s 161 cm tall (that’s 5 feet 3 inches!) and weighs 50 kg (that’s 110 lbs)! She has lovely brown hair and stunning blue eyes that really make her stand out. But there’s more to her than just looks – her body shape is something special, with measurements of 36-26-38 inches.

Weight50 kg (110 lbs)
Height5 feet 3 inches (161 cm)
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBrown
Body MeasurementsBust – 36, Waist – 26, Hips – 38
Shoe/Feet Size7 (US)

This not only makes her look good but also gives her a unique and interesting presence. Whether it’s her height, weight, hair, eyes, or figure, Bubble Bratz has it all. She’s one fascinating high school personality!

Bubble Bratz Boyfriend

Bubble Bratz had a few romantic relationships during middle school. She tied the knot with her boyfriend, Steve, but they later broke up due to disagreements. Currently, her dating life is kept private, and she hasn’t publicly confirmed her relationship status.

Bubble Bratz

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In 2020, there were rumors about her dating Moore Bary, but she hasn’t commented on those or any other relationship stories. She prefers to keep the details of her personal life private until she chooses to share more.

Bubble Bratz’s Net Worth

Our favorite TikTok star and model, Bubble Bratz, has done amazingly well for herself! Yes, you heard it right. Bubble Bratz has a net worth of around $100,000. She earned this money by creating fun TikTok videos, taking on cool modeling gigs, and other activities that bring in cash. But remember, it’s not magic – Bubble Bratz worked really hard for this.

Every dance move, every cool pose, and every video was a step towards her dream. And guess what? Her hard work has paid off big time! So, my friends, Bubble Bratz’s story teaches us that when you work hard, good things happen. And the best part? You can make a living doing what you love too!

Bubble Bratz Early Life

Bubble Bratz, also known as Maddie May, grew up in a small American town. Even when she was a little girl, she loved dancing, singing, and making people laugh. Her family recognized her talent and always supported her. Maddie has a mom, a dad, and a younger brother whom she enjoys teasing and playing with.

Bubble Bratz

Despite being a big star now, Maddie still spends a lot of time with her family. She believes her family is crucial to her success. They have consistently been there for her, cheering her on to chase her dreams and never give up, even during tough times.

Thanks to her family’s encouragement, Maddie has become the beloved Bratz we know today. Starting from her simple beginnings, Maddie has always had a spark of creativity and determination, which shines brightly in her lively performances as Bubble Bratz.

Bubble Bratz Achievements

Bubble Bratz has achieved some really cool things! She’s now a famous TikTok star, which is a big deal! She began with just a few fans, and now millions of people around the world watch her videos.

Amazing! But that’s not all! She’s also a successful model, walking on big runways and wearing stunning clothes.

Many people admire her style and beauty when they see her. These are big accomplishments for someone who started with a dream and worked really hard.

The best part is that Bubble is not done yet! She keeps making more fun videos and taking beautiful photos. So, let’s continue to watch and cheer for our favorite star, Bubble Bratz!

Bubble Bratz Hobbies

Dancing: Bubble absolutely adores dancing, especially if you’ve caught a glimpse of her TikTok videos. But did you know she dances just for fun too? It’s her go-to for relaxation and a good time.

Singing: Bubble Bratz has this amazing voice and simply loves to sing. You’ll often hear her singing in her videos, but she also does it just for the sheer joy of it.

Playing with her brother: Bubble has a little brother, and they have a blast together. Whether they’re playing games, cracking jokes, or just having fun, it’s one of her favorite things to do.

Hanging out with her Family: Bubble is super close to her family. Whether they’re sharing a meal or just spending time together, she loves every moment with them.

Modeling: Despite it being her job, Bubble Bratz genuinely enjoys modeling. Getting all dressed up and striking poses for the camera is something she finds exciting.

Reading comments from her fans: Bubble truly loves her fans, and she takes joy in reading their comments on her videos. It makes her feel connected to them, and she’s grateful for their support.

Bubble Bratz’s Social Media

Bubblebratz is an up-and-coming social media sensation with a strong personality. Even though she’s not widely known yet, she’s gained an impressive following on platforms like Instagram, where she has 150,000 followers.

Considering the vast user base of over 2 billion on Instagram, this is quite a feat for someone new to social media.

Bubble Bratz

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What sets Bubblebratz apart is that she’s not just a social media influencer; she’s a versatile personality. She’s smart, loves to entertain, and despite being early in her social media career, she shows signs of maturity.

Outside of her online presence, she’s also working as an artist and enjoys indulging in art and acrobatics during her free time.

Bubblebratz has established herself as a fashion and beauty icon, known for her attractive modeling and vibrant social life. After finishing high school, she attended a public high school in Los Angeles. She also started organizing mukbangs, trendy shopping expeditions, as a side gig.

Through her various online endeavors, including social media and other ventures, Bubblebratz has built a substantial fortune estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

This wealth comes from lucrative sponsorship deals and the millions she’s earned from her videos.

Bubble Bratz Parents And Siblings

Bubble, also known as Maddie May, has a family just like you do! She keeps her family life private, so we don’t know much about her mom and dad or if she has any brothers or sisters.

Just remember, every star, even Bubble, has a family who loves and supports them, just like your family cares for and supports you. Picture Bratz talking about her day with her family during dinner! Even famous people like her have normal family time.

Bubble Bratz Popular On TikTok

Bubble is super popular on TikTok because she creates awesome videos that make people happy. She dances, laughs, and always has something cool to show. Her creativity and charm are what make her so liked on TikTok.

Lots of people enjoy watching her videos, and she has millions of followers! If you want to have fun too, go check out Bubble on TikTok. Just keep in mind, making those cool videos takes a lot of effort!

Bubble Brat’s Hobbies

  • Dancing: Have you checked out her awesome dance moves on TikTok? Dancing is not just a job for her; it’s a hobby she really loves.
  • Fashion: Bubble has a really cool fashion sense! She likes trying out different clothes and accessories.
  • Cooking: Bubble likes hanging out in the kitchen and trying out new recipes.
  • Traveling: Going to new places is always fun. Bubble enjoys traveling and exploring new things around the world.

Bubble Bratz Future Plan

Bubble is doing amazing, and her future looks really promising. She’s a star on TikTok, and more and more people are loving what she does every day. With her talent, creativity, and how much effort she puts in, Bubble is going to achieve even bigger things.

She’s not slowing down, so watch out for her! Bubble’s career is skyrocketing, heading straight for success! Just remember, if you work hard, your dreams can definitely come true!

Facts About Bubble Bratz

  • Bubble, a woman from Little Rock, Arkansas, grew up there.
  • She often wears swimsuits and lingerie, and she used to be a stripper before becoming a model and actress.
  • She’s active on OnlyFans and Instagram, where she shares a lot of content.
  • Bubble enjoys spending time at the beach and loves to travel.
  • To promote her work in entertainment, she has a website.
  • Bubble has two dogs named Mochi and Marley.
  • She’s a fan of the Powerpuff Girls and even has a Buttercup tattoo.
  • Her pictures reveal her passion for tattoos, with beautiful ones on her hands, depicting a flower, a heart, and a cartoon figure.


In conclusion, Bubblebratz, also known as Maddie May, has risen from her roots as a dancer in Little Rock, Arkansas, to become a multifaceted social media sensation. From TikTok stardom to modeling, acting, and OnlyFans success, her journey reflects determination and versatility. Balancing a private personal life with a thriving career, Bubblebratz continues to captivate audiences with her creativity and engaging content. As she embraces her future, her story serves as inspiration for aspiring individuals, showcasing the rewards of hard work and dedication in the ever-evolving landscape of social media and entertainment.


Q1: What is Bubble Bratz’s net worth?
A1: Bubble Bratz’s estimated net worth is around $100,000, accumulated through her activities as a TikTok star, model, and participation in the entertainment industry.

Q2: Is Bubble Bratz in a relationship?
A2: Bubble Bratz keeps her dating life private, and as of now, she hasn’t publicly confirmed her relationship status. Past relationships include a marriage with a boyfriend named Steve.

Q3: How did Bubble Bratz start her career?
A3: Bubble Bratz began her career as a dancer and stripper in her hometown, later gaining attention on social media, particularly Instagram, leading to opportunities in modeling and acting.

Q4: What are Bubble Bratz’s hobbies?
A4: Bubble Bratz enjoys dancing, singing, playing with her brother, spending time with her family, modeling, reading comments from fans, and participating in art and acrobatics during her free time.

Q5: Where is Bubble Bratz from?
A5: Bubble Bratz, also known as Maddie May, grew up in a small town in Little Rock, Arkansas, before gaining fame on various social media platforms.


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