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Bianca Censori

Bianca Censori is a creative and business-minded individual from Australia, became well-known when reports surfaced about her wedding to Kanye West. This news was first shared by TMZ and later picked up by various news sources.

An Australian family welcomed Bianca Censori into the world in Melbourne, Australia, in 1996. Her zodiac sign and true birthdate remain unknown, therefore her nickname, Bianca, was given. 2012 saw her graduate form Carey Baptist Grammar School.

After taking a two-year break before finishing her master’s degree, she graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2017 with a Bachelor of Architecture. She ultimately finished her Master of Architecture program at the same school in 2019 and 2020.

Bianca Censori Wiki:

Real NameBianca Censori
ProfessionEntrepreneur, architect, and visual artist
Date of Birth1996
BirthplaceMelbourne, Australia
HometownMelbourne, Australia
CollegeUniversity of Melbourne
Famous ForAllegedly marrying Kanye West

Bianca Censori Career:

After completing her studies, Bianca Censori started her career by opening the online jewelry shop Nylons Jewellery. She donated a few of her exquisite Swarovski crystal necklaces and bracelets, together with her partner Irene.

Bianca Censori

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After finishing college and starting her own business, she started working as a design consultant at Kelektiv in 2016. After ending her jewelry business, she quit her job as a design consultant and joined DP Toscano Architects’ architecture program the same year.

She also left work before taking a position as an architectural designer for Kanye West’s sneaker company, Yeezy, according to her LinkedIn page. She is Yeezy’s Director of Art at the moment. She came in New York during the pandemic, and Yeezy hired her for over two years. She is a skilled maker of artwork. He has previously worked with the artist Tamil Raif.


Australian native Censori is from Melbourne. She completed her courses of study in architecture at the University of Melbourne. After completing his studies, Censori started and operated Nylons Jewellery after high school.

Before starting her job at Yeezy, she also worked as a student architect at DP Toscano Architects as a design consultant at Kelektiv. Censori was a well-known figure in the architectural community before her friendship with Kanye West.

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Apart from being profiled in publications and magazines such as Vogue Australia, she has a sizable social media following because of her stunning looks. Her Instagram postings, which show her clothes from different events, give fans with an inside look into her opulent way of life.

Bianca Censori Husband:

It’s unknown at this time if Bianca Censori is wed. While there have been numerous reports that she is married to Kanye West, neither of them have spoken about their relationship in public.

Photos of them together in Los Angeles that were published by several media sites sparked questions regarding the validity of their marriage because Kanye could be seen wearing a ring on his ring finger.

She might have been in other relationships before this, but details about her personal life are kept private. She is of mixed origin and is an Australian citizen. Bianca keeps her profile highly secret, not sharing any details about her parents or siblings with the public.

Personal Life:

The architect Bianca Censori is a great success. She gained a great deal of fortune and now leads a luxurious life as a result of her talent and devotion. Famous in her field, Censori has been awarded and won many awards for her exceptional work and her ability to cause controversy in the fashion world.

She prefers to maintain a low profile and hide her private life from public scrutiny despite her great achievements. She respects people’s privacy by not sharing information about her family or any personal problems she may be handling.

The well-known American rapper and music entrepreneur Kanye West is her husband. A private wedding took place in January 2023. Both sides have a great deal of respect for one another and appear to be disturbed by the media attention surrounding their relationship.

Although Censori is not sure if she is a mother or a father, she is close to her family. She has an amazing collection of designer clothes and lives in an expensive Los Angeles apartment.

Furthermore, not long after graduating from high school, Censori created and is the owner of the Nylons jewelry brand. She earned considerable wealth from this business activity, which she used to provide for her family.

Bianca Censori Age, Height And Weight:

She has a balanced shape and is a lovely little woman. She is five feet four inches tall and weighs an excellent fifty-seven kilograms.

HeightIn Feet: 5′ 9″ ft
WeightIn Pound: 165 lbs
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack

She is set for great things in the future, inspiring others around her and showing how hard work will ultimately pay off. Her beautiful brown eyes and light hair go well with her talent, intelligence, and wealth of talent.

Net Worth:

Less than two months after divorce Kim Kardashian, Australian entrepreneur and architect Bianca Censori shot to stardom in January 2023 when she wed rapper Kanye West in Beverly Hills.

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She has been worked by West’s business, Yeezy, as an architectural designer. A well-known figure in the entertainment business, Bianca Censori will reach a net worth of $2 million in 2023.

Bianca Censori An Award-Winning Architect:

Award-winning architect Bianca Censori has made waves in her area with projects like Green Oasis Community Center and Sustainable Living Apartments receiving acclaim from critics and visitors both. She is known for her creative ideas and commitment to sustainable architecture.

She created Nylons Jewelry Brand. Currently reside in Los Angeles, CA, after being born in Melbourne, Australia. Despite her desire to keep her personal life still, there have been reports that she is married to producer and musician Kanye West.

Though neither of them has yet to confirm the relationship or offer proof of its existence, reports state the two got married soon after West’s divorce from Kim Kardashian was finalized. Since then, they have been photographed together at various times.


Bianca Censori is a versatile entrepreneur and award-winning architect from Australia, rose to fame with reports of her wedding to Kanye West in January 2023. Despite maintaining a private profile, Censori has excelled in her career, earning accolades for her sustainable architecture projects and founding the Nylons Jewelry Brand. Her journey from graduating in architecture to becoming the Director of Art at Yeezy reflects her dedication and talent. While details about her personal life remain guarded, her union with Kanye West brought her into the public eye, with a reported net worth of $2 million in 2023.


Q1: When did Bianca Censori marry Kanye West?

A: Bianca Censori reportedly married Kanye West in a private ceremony in January 2023.

Q2: What is Bianca Censori’s profession?

A: Bianca Censori is an entrepreneur, architect, and visual artist, known for her award-winning work in sustainable architecture.

Q3: What is the net worth of Bianca Censori?

A: In 2023, Bianca Censori is reported to have a net worth of $2 million, largely attributed to her work with Kanye West’s company, Yeezy.

Q4: What are some notable achievements of Bianca Censori in architecture?

A: Bianca Censori has gained acclaim for projects like the Green Oasis Community Center and Sustainable Living Apartments, showcasing her creative ideas and commitment to sustainable architecture.

Q5: Is Bianca Censori a mother?

A: It is not confirmed whether Bianca Censori is a mother. Details about her personal life, including family, are kept private.

Q6: What is Bianca Censori’s educational background?

A: Bianca Censori graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Architecture, showcasing her academic prowess in her field.

Q7: What is the origin of the Nylons Jewelry Brand?

A: Bianca Censori founded the Nylons Jewelry Brand after high school, contributing to her financial success and allowing her to support her family.

Q8: How tall is Bianca Censori?

A: Bianca Censori stands at five feet four inches tall and weighs fifty-seven kilograms, complementing her balanced shape and distinctive features.


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