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Quinn Fogle

Quinn Fogle was born in 2013 in the United States. She is currently 10 years old, but her zodiac sign is unknown. Her parents are Jared Scott and Katie McLaughlin, and she has a younger brother named Brady Fogle. Norman and Adrienne Fogle are her proud grandparents. Although we don’t know much about her schooling, Quinn is happily spending her childhood with her family.

Quinn Fogle Wiki/Bio:

Full NameQuinn Fogle
Nick NameQuinn
Date of Birth2013
Place of BirthUSA
Famous asJared Scott’s Daughter
FatherJared Scott
MotherKatie McLaughlin

Quinn Fogle Early Life:

Quinn Fogle was born in the United States in 2013 to parents Jared Scott and Katie McLaughlin. Her grandparents are Norman and Adrienne Fogle, and she has a younger brother named Brady Fogle.

Quinn’s early life has been kept private, especially details about her education and early experiences, sparking curiosity about her. Despite public attention on her family’s past, Quinn is growing up with strength and poise, creating her own identity in the midst of her unique upbringing.

Quinn Fogle Career

Quinn Fogle prefers to stay low-key in the media, focusing on her studies and personal growth. She values her education from a young age and chooses to keep her private life to herself, showing maturity beyond her years.

Quinn Fogle

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As she gets older, Quinn will have many chances to explore and decide on her career path. Right now, she’s putting a lot of effort into her schoolwork, setting the groundwork for a bright future. Her love for learning and commitment to education will likely lead her to success.

Quinn Fogle Education

Quinn Fogle’s schooling and academic journey are kept private, and there isn’t much information available about it. Like any other child, she probably goes to school where she learns different subjects and takes part in activities to grow both intellectually and personally.

Even though her parents prefer to keep her education private, it seems like Quinn is focused on learning and doing well in her studies. She is building a strong foundation for her future, getting ready for whatever opportunities and challenges come her way.

Quinn Fogle Professional Career

Quinn Fogle, the child of Jared Scott, hasn’t entered the entertainment industry yet. In April 1999, Jared Scott gained public attention after an article in the Indiana Daily Student revealed he lost 111 pounds by exercising and eating Subway sandwiches.

Men’s Health magazine also featured him in an article called “Stupid Diets… That Work!” stating he had reached 425 pounds due to inactivity and unhealthy eating.

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After switching to a Subway diet, a Chicago franchisee shared his success story with the Subway advertising firm, leading to a regional TV campaign. The first commercial featuring Fogle and his story aired on January 1, 2000, emphasizing the combination of the Subway diet and exercise.

Following successful test commercials, Fogle starred in many TV ads discussing the benefits of healthy eating and exercise. In 2002, he was even parodied in a South Park episode called “Jared Has Aides,” which he found flattering.

In 2008, a Subway ad called “Tour de Pants” celebrated Fogle maintaining his weight for a decade. As part of the campaign, he pledged to donate his 62-inch pants to a museum. However, his visibility in Subway ads decreased in 2008 due to the focus on the “$5 Footlong” campaign. Fogle’s Subway job opened doors, leading to appearances in WWE events from 2009 to 2011.

Quinn Fogle Net Worth

Currently, Quinn Fogle isn’t working in any job or career, which means she doesn’t have any personal income and, as a result, no net worth. On the other hand, her father, Jared Scott Fogle, still has a significant net worth of $4 million in 2024, despite facing a decline in his public image.

Despite the controversies around him, Jared has managed to handle his finances well and has retained substantial wealth. While Quinn is just starting out financially, Jared’s ability to maintain his financial stability shows how he has overcome challenges, giving us a glimpse into the complexities of money and reputation in their family.

Quinn Fogle Merrige

Quinn Fogle is a happy nine-year-old girl who has never been in a relationship. Her parents got married in November 2009 but decided to part ways and officially divorced on October 18, 2007.

Quinn’s dad, before marrying her mom, was previously married to someone named Elizabeth Christie. Quinn and her family are currently enjoying a joyful life together after her parents tied the knot again in August 2010.


In her ten years of life, Quinn Fogle has managed to maintain a semblance of privacy despite her family’s public history. Born to Jared Scott and Katie McLaughlin, she is navigating childhood with a focus on education and personal growth. Quinn’s commitment to learning hints at a promising future, while her father, Jared, has faced public scrutiny but maintained financial stability. As she matures, Quinn’s journey will undoubtedly unfold, presenting opportunities for her own path. With a supportive family and a father with a resilient net worth, Quinn is poised to carve her identity in a world that has seen both challenges and triumphs.

FAQs About Quinn Fogle:

Q: Who are Quinn Fogle’s parents?
A: Quinn Fogle’s parents are Jared Scott and Katie McLaughlin.

Q: Does Quinn Fogle have siblings?
A: Yes, Quinn has a younger brother named Brady Fogle.

Q: What is Jared Scott Fogle’s net worth in 2024?
A: Jared Scott Fogle’s net worth is $4 million in 2024.

Q: Has Quinn Fogle entered any career or industry?
A: As of now, Quinn Fogle is focused on her education and has not entered any career or industry.

Q: When did Quinn Fogle’s parents get married?
A: Quinn’s parents, Jared Scott and Katie McLaughlin, got married in November 2009.

Q: Has Quinn Fogle been in any relationships?
A: No, Quinn Fogle is a ten-year-old girl and has not been in any relationships.

Q: How did Jared Scott Fogle gain public attention?
A: Jared Scott Fogle gained public attention in 1999 after an article in the Indiana Daily Student revealed his significant weight loss using a Subway diet and exercise.

Q: How many children does Jared Scott Fogle have?
A: Jared Scott Fogle has two children, Quinn and her younger brother Brady.

Q: When did Jared Scott Fogle’s parents, Norman and Adrienne Fogle, divorce?
A: There is no information available about the divorce of Jared Scott Fogle’s parents, Norman and Adrienne Fogle.


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