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Nia Bleu

Nia Bleu is a fantastic actress who has captured our hearts with her stellar performances. She is 29 years old she was born in Delhi, India, on September 17, 1995. Raj K. Khanna and Usha Sharma are her parents.

Her remarkable physical attributes coupled with her superb performance have made her a global audience favorite. Every performance by Nia shows her skill versatility and dedication to her work.

Who is Nia Bleu?

Have you ever seen a film and wondered Many people feel just that when they watch Nia Bleu. Nia, an actress and model, was born in India and now lives in Ecuador. She’s no average actor, though. She also excels in adult flicks, bringing her skill and passion to every part she takes on. But she’s not limited to the camera. Furthermore, she is a model with a knack for posing casually. Star Nia Bleu is becoming popular across the world.

Nia has achieved success and recognition due to her talent and effort. For aspiring models and actors hoping to make it in the business, she serves as a role model. Furthermore, Nia Bleu is still making waves in the world of entertainment thanks to her outstanding skills and distinct personality. Watch this space to find out more about Nia’s history, trade, and amazing journey.

Nia Bleu Bio/Wiki:

Real NameNia Blue
NicknameNia BleuElise Carrasco
Date of Birth1999
Age24 Years Old
Zodiac SignTaurus
Birth PlaceUnited States
HometownUnited States
Net Worth (approx.)USD 100K

Nia Bleu Career:

When Nia was a little child in India, she started participating in school plays. She enjoyed playing the roles of other characters and narrating their tales. Nia too quit acting after coming to Ecuador and started working as an actual actress.

She began her acting career in films containing pornography and even went on to model. Today, her films are viewed as valued by people all around the world. She has also collaborated with well-known performers like Ranbir Singh and Allu Arjun.

Nia’s patience and dedication have paid off, as she is still having success in her job. Nia also wants to increase her profile in the entertainment industry and take on harder components as she looks to the future.

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We also look forward to seeing what amazing projects she takes on in the future. Although being an actress might be difficult, Nia adores her work. She’s also looking forward to all the exciting roles and projects she has in store!

Nia Bleu Early Life And Education:

On a bright September 17, 1995, Nia Bleu was born in Delhi, India. Usha Sharma and Raj K. Khanna, her parents, were happy. Nia was a happy little girl who loved playing with dolls.

She moved to the beautiful nation of Ecuador when she was a teenager. Nia also completed her high school degree. She went to a specific school to study modeling and acting.

Nia had the chance to become a better model and actor because of these schools. Nia succeeded in her studies and has always had a passion for learning.

Because she was intelligent and put in a lot of effort, her instructors loved her. She had a great time in school, studied a lot, and dreamed of being someone famous soon. And what do you know? Her aspirations became a reality.

Nia Bleu Boyfriend:

Nia Bleu has dated some celebrities. Yes, they are also famous actors. They and Nia had relationships at various points in life. Both Allu and Ranbir are part of the glossy acting community. In addition, a lot of supporters, like Nia, think highly of them. Nia is not yet married, though. Her acting and modeling careers are her primary goals at present.

We’ll hear wedding bells for Nia soon! Let’s continue to appreciate her superb acting skills in movies until then. Nia is well-known in the entertainment sector thanks to her skill and commitment, and it is clear that she is focused on her work.

Furthermore, Nia Bleu’s sexual relationships remain unknown even as her performances continue to captivate audiences. Followers will have to wait and watch if she ever provides any new information about her romantic life.

Nia Bleu Age, Height And Weight:

Her age is twenty-eight. Yes, September 17, 1995, is her actual birthday! She is also very tall, with a height of five feet and six inches. Nia is quite healthy at her weight of about 60 kg! When she grins, her stunning dark brown eyes catch the light. It’s amazing. Nia loves playing with different styles for her long, beautiful black hair.

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Nia Bleu is truly remarkable due to her stature, weight, and attractive features. “Healthy and happy is the best kind of beautiful,” she often provides. As Nia’s career develops, her talent and dedication will surely propel her to new heights. Watch this area to find out more about Nia’s journey and the amazing things that she yet has to do.

Nia Bleu Net Worth:

Nia Bleu works a job that enables her to pretend and dress up all day. She gets paid for what she does as well. She also buys her clothes, toys, and sweets in this way. Nia has made a significant amount of money thanks to her work as an actor and model.

Her approximate net worth is $100,000. That is a huge number of piggy banks. Her net worth is expected to rise as she takes on more interesting projects and makes more of a mark on the entertainment industry.

Nia’s story serves as an example of the benefits that can result from giving your all to your work and following your passion. She also acts as an inspiration to aspiring models and actors who want to make it in their careers.


Nia Bleu is a talented actress and model, has captured hearts worldwide with her exceptional performances and dedication to her craft. From her humble beginnings in India to her current status as a rising star based in Ecuador, Nia’s journey is a testament to hard work and passion. With her remarkable talent, versatility, and commitment, she continues to pave the way for aspiring actors and models globally. As her career evolves and her influence grows, Nia Bleu remains an inspiring figure in the entertainment industry, leaving an indelible mark on audiences everywhere.


Q: Where was Nia Bleu born?

A: Nia Bleu was born in Delhi, India, on September 17, 1995.

Q: What is Nia Bleu’s net worth?

A: Nia Bleu’s approximate net worth is $100,000, with expectations of it rising as she takes on more projects in the entertainment industry.

Q: What is Nia Bleu’s profession?

A: Nia Bleu is both an actress and a model, known for her stellar performances and striking presence on screen.

Q: Who are Nia Bleu’s parents?

A: Nia Bleu’s parents are Raj K. Khanna and Usha Sharma.

Q: Where does Nia Bleu currently reside?

A: Nia Bleu currently resides in Ecuador, where she continues to pursue her career in acting and modeling.


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