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Lola Brooke

Lola Brooke is a rapper from Brooklyn, is quickly becoming a big name in the hip-hop world. Her music has a tough and real feel, reflecting her challenging upbringing. People who appreciate her straightforward style connect with her songs. Lola has gained fame fast with catchy tunes like “Don’t Play With It” and teaming up with well-known artists. She’s known for her talent and stands for strength and empowerment in the rap scene.

At the age of eight, she started on her musical adventure and found a passion for writing songs and melodies. Since then, Lola Brooke has continued her involvement in the music business, showing her exceptional skills.

Birth nameShyniece Thomas
Famous asLola Brooke
Date of birth1 February 1994
Age29 years
Zodiac signAquarius
Place of birthBrooklyn, New York, United States of America

She took a big step in 2016 when she joined Team 8o Records and Arista Records. Lola Brooke is well-known for her ability to write lyrics with depth, her flexibility, and her calm demeanor. “Don’t Play It,” their debut single, became extremely well-known on some social networking sites.

Lola Brooke Background:

Lola Brooke is a composer and rapper. Lola, a native of Brooklyn, New York’s Bed Stuy community, began writing music at the age of eight and began her professional career as an artist at the age of twenty-three. Lola’s first music video, “2017 Flow,” was released in January 2017.

Lola Brooke

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The freestyle showcased the artist’s talent, with the catchphrase “Bars is back” ringing throughout the song like an anthem.

Lola has been able to break through the music industry with the support of her team at 80 Productions, creating a buzz around her name and gritty sound while also gaining more and more fans. Lola Brooke has appeared on shows like HOT97’s “Who’s Up” and Break The Internet Fest.

Lola Brooke’s Age Height and Weight:

In 2024, Lola Brooke will be thirty years old. She weighs roughly 55 kilograms and stands 5 feet 3 inches tall. Her eyes and hair are both brown.

Her measurements are 32, 24, 35 for her body and 6.5 (US) for her shoes. Her physical features are striking; she has wonderful eyes and a fascinating attitude.

Lola Brooke Career:

Lola Brooke initially discovered a love for music when she was young. She therefore began writing original songs at the age of eight. She became a highly skilled writer as she grew older. She still makes up all of her music.

She was seen by the New York-based record company Team 80 before she got off to a strong start. As a result, she joined with them and launched a freestyle track in January 2017 called 2017 Slow.

However, in September of the following year, she released her first original song, Not The Same. In the same year, she also released the track “Bipolar.”

She held several jobs before rising to fame as a performer, including that of a residential aide. Boy! and Cash Out are two of her three singles from 2019.

She worked with some musicians, such as Maino, with whom she performed on the rapper’s album The Ghetto God. Don’t Play With It, her all-time hit track, involving rapper Billy B.

Lola Brooke Net Worth:

The estimated net worth of Lola Brooke is $400,000. Her primary source of income is music. She makes money as a full-time rapper from the sales and streams of her songs.

After her label takes a cut, she gets all of her earnings. She plays at a variety of musical events, including Who’s Up Next and Break the Internet Fest, setting her songs aside. likewise,

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Lola Brooke Boyfriend:

Lola Brooke has been successful at maintaining the privacy of her personal life, especially concerning love and relationships. As of right now, nothing about her partner, dating past, or past relationships is verified.

Lola Brooke Music Career:

Lola was always interested in music, even as a little child. Being able to write original songs by the age of eight is evidence of her natural skill. Her ability to write songs only became better as she grew older, and she still wrote all of her songs.

No one managed in spotting her talent. Team 80, a musical label based in New York, signed her after realizing her potential. She released a freestyle song called “2017 Flow” in January 2017.

In September of the same year, she released her first original song, “Not The Same,” after this. In the same year, she also released “Bipolar,” another song.

Lola has had a remarkable career path. She has worked with some musicians, notably rapper Maino, whose album The Ghetto God includes her. “Don’t Play With It,” one of her best-known songs featuring rapper Billy B, has almost two million Spotify plays.

It gained additional momentum after Yung Miami and Latto were added to the remix. Singles like “On My Mind” and “Gator Season” are among her most recent releases.


Lola Brooke was born Shyniece Thomas, has rapidly ascended the ranks in the hip-hop world, hailing from Brooklyn. Beginning her musical journey at the tender age of eight, her gritty and authentic style reflects a challenging upbringing. Lola’s breakthrough moment came with the debut single “Don’t Play With It,” showcasing her lyrical depth and versatility. Signing with Team 80 Records and Arista Records in 2016, she has since collaborated with renowned artists and earned a significant following. Lola’s career, marked by hits like “Gator Season” and “On My Mind,” underscores her resilience and empowerment in the rap scene.


Q: When did Lola Brooke start her music career?

A: Lola Brooke began her professional music career at the age of twenty-three and gained early recognition with her freestyle track “2017 Flow” in January 2017.

Q: What are Lola Brooke’s notable achievements in the music industry?

A: Lola Brooke has made a mark with her debut single “Don’t Play With It,” which gained significant traction on social media. She has also collaborated with artists like Maino and achieved success with hits such as “Gator Season.”

Q: What is Lola Brooke’s net worth?

A: Lola Brooke’s estimated net worth is $400,000, primarily earned through her music career, including sales, streams, and performances at various musical events.

Q: Has Lola Brooke disclosed details about her personal life and relationships?

A: Lola Brooke maintains privacy regarding her personal life, including her love life and relationships. As of now, no information about her partner or dating history is confirmed.

Q: What are Lola Brooke’s recent releases?

A: Lola Brooke’s recent singles include “On My Mind” and “Gator Season,” showcasing her continued creativity and musical prowess.

Q: How did Lola Brooke’s hit “Don’t Play With It” gain additional momentum?

A: “Don’t Play With It” gained further traction with a remix featuring Yung Miami and Latto, contributing to its popularity and accumulating almost two million Spotify plays.


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