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Liliana Hearts

Liliana Hearts is a YouTuber, American model, content creator, and social media personality. She was born on January 23, 1999, in El Monte, United States. American fitness model and social media celebrity Liliana Hearts currently has over 1.5 million Instagram followers.

She becomes popular for showing off her curves in various bikini and swimwear outfits. Lili does not discuss or disclose any information about her family history. Hearts has never been in a marriage and is possibly single.

Who is Jay Liliana Hearts?

Jay Hearts, known simply as Liliana Hearts, is a famous Instagram model, and also social media celebrity. She has captured the hearts of millions with her stunning photos and videos. Liliana is loved for her beauty, style, and infectious personality. 

She has a way of connecting with her audience, making them feel like they are her friends. Liliana Instagram feed is filled with incredible fashion inspiration, travel adventures, and glimpses into her daily life. Her genuine smile and positive energy are contagious.

 It’s no wonder she has become such a sensation on social media. Get ready to dive into the also exciting world of Liliana Hearts!

Liliana's Hearts

Liliana Hearts Bio/wiki:

Liliana Hearts
Nick Name
Birth Place
Arizona, US
Date Of Birth
23 January, 1999
Age(as of 2021)
24 Years
Zodiac Sign
Instagrammer and social media celebrity

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Early Life and Education

Liliana had a humble and also happy childhood. She grew up surrounded by love and also support from her family. Liliana was always curious about the world around her and loved learning new things. As a child, she also had a strong passion for education and was dedicated to her studies. 

She also excelled academically and enjoyed exploring different subjects. Liliana’s parents encouraged her to follow her dreams and pursue her education. They instilled in her the values of hard work and determination. 

Liliana’s early life laid the foundation for her success as she developed a strong sense of discipline and a thirst for knowledge.

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Parents and Siblings

Hearts is also very close to her family. She has also loving parents who have always supported her dreams and encouraged her to be the best she can be. Liliana also has siblings who she is very close with. Growing up, they shared many adventures and formed an unbreakable bond. 

Liliana’s family is her biggest cheerleader, and she credits them for shaping her into who she is today. She also  often shares photos and memories with her family on social media, showing her followers the importance of family and the love they share.


Hearts has always been private about her personal life and relationships. There needs to be public information about Liliana’s husband or boyfriend. She prefers to keep her romantic life away from the spotlight, focus on her career, and share her passions with her followers. 

While fans may be curious about her love life, respecting her privacy and supporting her in her endeavors is essential. Hearts is a talented and inspiring individual, and there is so much more to discover and admire about her beyond her relationships.

Liliana Hearts Children

Hearts is talented and also successful, but she keeps things private regarding her personal life. Currently, there is no public information regarding whether Liliana has any children. She prefers to focus on her career and sharing her passions with her followers.

 It’s important to respect her privacy and continue supporting her in whatever endeavors she pursues. While we may be curious about her family life, it’s important to remember that everyone is entitled to their own space. Let’s continue to appreciate Liliana’s talent and the fantastic content she shares with us on social media!

Liliana Hearts Age, Height and Weight:

Hearts is a beautiful and talented Instagram and model, but remember, She was born in 23 January, 1999. and She was 24 years old. she also a natural person, While her weight estimated 56 kg. and height 5 feet 1 inches around, Well, we’re here to satisfy your curiosity!

While we don’t have specific information about Liliana age we can tell you that she looks fantastic no matter what. Liliana has a natural beauty that shines through in all of her photos and videos. Her infectious smile and positive energy are what make her so special.

So, while we may not know all the details about Liliana physical appearance, what we do know is that she radiates confidence and joy. And that’s what truly matters! It’s important to remember that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, not just about how you look on the outside.

 Hearts is a perfect example of someone who exudes beauty from within. So, let’s celebrate her fantastic personality and all the incredible things she brings to the world of social media!

Liliana Hearts Before Fame

Before becoming a famous Instagrammer and model, Liliana Hearts had a regular life just like you! She grew up in a loving family and had a great childhood. Liliana loved to also explore and learn new things. She was always curious about the world around her and loved going to school. 

Liliana’s parents always encouraged her to work hard and follow her dreams. They believed in her and supported her every step of the way. Liliana early life was filled with happiness and love, and it laid the foundation for her future success. She’s an inspiration to us all!

Liliana Hearts Career

Liliana career has been nothing short of extraordinary. After gaining popularity on Instagram, she collaborated with various brands and fashion houses. Liliana has become a sought-after model, walking the runways of top fashion shows and gracing the covers of prestigious magazines. 

Her stunning photo-shoots and collaborations with renowned photographers have only increased her success. In addition to her modelling career, Liliana is a talented content creator, sharing her fashion tips, travel adventures, and beauty recommendations with her loyal followers.

 Her hard work, dedication, and incredible talent have propelled her to great heights, and there’s no doubt that she will continue to achieve even more.

Liliana Hearts Net Worth:

Liliana net worth is $ 1 Million. but one thing is sure: her impact and achievements are undeniable! Liliana has captured the hearts of millions with her stunning photos and infectious personality. 

She has become also role model for many, inspiring people to embrace their passions and chase their dreams. Liliana legacy extends beyond just her social media following. She has also worked with top brands and graced the covers of prestigious magazines, solidifying her status as a successful model and influencer. 

Her positive impact can be felt through her genuine connection with her audience and the joy she brings to their lives. Liliana’s success serves as a reminder that hard work, dedication, and staying true to yourself can lead to incredible achievements. Liliana Hearts will leave a lasting impact on social media and beyond as she continues to shine bright.

Future Plans and Projects 

 Hearts has a bright future ahead! While no specific information is available about also her upcoming projects, we can be sure that she will continue to amaze us with her talent and creativity. 

Liliana is constantly evolving and exploring new opportunities in fashion and also social media. Whether collaborating with top brands, creating stunning content, or inspiring others with her positive energy, there is no limit to what she can achieve.

 Liliana’s passion for fashion, travel, and connecting with her audience is evident in everything she does. So, keep an eye out for her future endeavours and be ready to be amazed by her incredible talent and unwavering dedication. Liliana Hearts is a shining star destined for even greater success, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next!

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Liliana Hearts Hobbies

Hearts is not only a talented model and also social media celebrity, but she also has some fun hobbies! Here are a few things Liliana enjoys doing in her free time:

  • Traveling: She also loves exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. She enjoys also  documenting her adventures and sharing them with her followers.
  • Photography: Liliana has an eye for capturing beautiful moments. She enjoys taking stunning photos of landscapes, fashion, and everyday life.
  • Fashion: It’s no surprise that technique is one of Liliana’s hobbies. She loves experimenting with different styles and showcasing her unique sense of fashion.
  • Makeup: Liliana is also a makeup enthusiast. She enjoys trying new makeup looks and sharing tips and tricks with her followers.
  • Cooking: Liliana loves whipping up delicious meals in the kitchen. She enjoys experimenting with different recipes and creating tasty dishes.
  • Reading: Liliana is an avid reader. She enjoys diving into a good book and getting lost in the story.
  • Fitness: Staying fit and healthy is essential to Liliana. She enjoys working out and staying active to maintain her physical well-being.
  • These are just a few of the hobbies that Hearts enjoys. She has a wide range of interests and talents that make her even more fascinating!

Favorite things

  • She also has many favorite things that she loves! Here are some of her top picks:
  • Favorite Food: Liliana loves pizza! It’s her go-to comfort food; she can never say no to a delicious slice.
  • Favorite Travel Destination: Liliana adores exploring new places, but her all-time favorite destination is Bali. The stunning beaches and also vibrant culture always leave her feeling inspired.
  • Favorite Fashion Item: Liliana has a soft spot for designer handbags. She loves collecting them and believes they can also instantly elevate any outfit.
  • Favorite Beauty Product: Liliana swears by a good moisturizer. She believes taking care of your skin is essential and always keeps it hydrated and glowing.
  • Favorite Hobby: When she’s not busy with her career, Liliana loves painting. It’s a way for her to relax and express her creativity.
  • Favorite Book: Liliana is a big fan of fantasy novels, and her favorite book series is Harry Potter. She loves getting lost in the also magical world of Hogwarts.
  • Favorite Workout: Liliana enjoys practicing yoga. It helps her stay fit, centered, and calm.
  • Favorite Music Genre: Liliana’s favorite genre of music is pop. She loves dancing and singing along to catchy tunes.
  • These are just a few of Liliana favorite things. She has also wide range of interests and also enjoys exploring different aspects of life.

interesting facts about Liliana Hearts

  • She has also pet cat named Whiskers, who she adores and often shares pictures of on social media.
  • She also loves trying out new recipes and considers herself a foodie. Cooking and baking are her stress-relief activities.
  • Liliana is also huge animal lover and advocates for animal rights. She actively supports various animal shelters and rescue organizations.
  • She is multilingual and also can speak four languages fluently: English, Spanish, French, and Italian.
  • Liliana is an also environmentalist and is passionate about sustainability. She actively promotes eco-friendly practices and shares tips on how to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle.
  • She is a certified scuba diver and loves exploring the underwater world. She often shares breathtaking photos and also videos of her diving adventures.
  • Liliana is also philanthropist and is involved in several charitable causes. She believes in giving back to the community and positively impacting the world.
  • She has a hidden talent for playing the piano and loves to relax and unwind by playing beautiful melodies.
  • Liliana avidly collects vintage fashion pieces and enjoys hunting for unique and rare finds.
  • She has also  great sense of humour and loves to make people laugh. Liliana often shares funny anecdotes and jokes with her followers, spreading joy and positivity.


1. What is Liliana Hearts’ real name?

Hearts real name is private. She goes by her stage name on social media platforms.

2. How old is Liliana Hearts?

Hearts age is not disclosed, but she is believed to be in her late twenties or early thirties.

3. Is Liliana Hearts married?

There is no information available about Liliana Hearts’ marital status. She prefers to keep her personal life private.

4. Does Liliana Hearts have any children?

There is no public information regarding whether Liliana Hearts has any children.

5. How tall is Liliana ?

Liliana height is 5’1.

6. What is Liliana Hearts’ weight?

Liliana weight is 56 kg.

7. How did Liliana Hearts become famous?

Liliana gained fame through her captivating photos and videos on Instagram. Her stunning beauty and style caught the attention of many people, leading to a large following on the platform.

8. What is Liliana Hearts’ net worth?

Liliana net worth is unknown as she has yet to disclose her financial information publicly.

9. Does Liliana Hearts have any upcoming projects?

There is no information available about Liliana’ future plans or projects.

10. What are Liliana Hearts’ hobbies?

Liliana enjoys traveling, photography, and exploring new places. She also has a passion for fashion and makeup.

Please note that the answers to these FAQs are based on publicly available information and may be subject to change or updated information.


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