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kisha chavis

Kisha Chavis was born in the United States on July 20, 1971, and is currently 52 years old. We need to find out her exact birthplace. She attended Teaneck High School in New Jersey before attending Interboro Community College to study business law.

Kisha established a career in singing and modeling after completing her schooling. She worked with World Concerts from 2008 to 2010, participating in shows including Summit Feature Performer and Club Matrix Feature Performer. She was also employed by the media business Silvacast GmbH as a producer.

Joe Smith, the lover of Kisha, was born in Norfolk, Virginia, on July 26, 1975. After completing his studies at the University of Maryland, he also graduated from Matthew Fontaine Maury High School. Joe and Kisha are committed Christians. Kisha will be 52 years old in 2023.

kisha chavis Wiki:

NameKisha Chavis
NicknameKnown as the wife of former NBA player Joe Smith
Place of BirthUnited States
Age48 years old
SpouseJoe Smith
Children1 child
Height5 feet 11 inches
Weight65 kilograms
Net Worth$35 million

kisha chavis Net Worth

She is well-known for earning money as an actor and model. However, Kisha hasn’t fully verified her actual assets and wealth. She so continues to have a luxurious lifestyle. Conversely, Joe Smith earned an average of almost $61 million during his basketball career.

kisha chavis

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In practically every city he visited while playing, he purchased residences; still these houses are now empty. sadly, he’s finding it difficult to sell them. Joe had a lot of money, but he lost it all really soon.

kisha chavis Relationship

Kisha welcomed her new self-love in 2018. She stood by herself in spite of difficulties including unstable relationships and financial difficulties.

She eventually discovered true love in Joe, and their relationship looked destined to last. Kisha chose her wedding dress and accepted Joe’s proposal during the tenth season of the Atlanta show.

On an amazing beach in Croix, they were married. Kisha, who goes by “Kiss,” is a forty woman who knew exactly what kind of wedding gown she wanted: something elegant, beachy, mermaid-style, and little suggestive. After exchanging promises, the pair is currently living together peacefully.

kisha chavis Professional Career

Kisha Chavis can be a model and entertainer, according to recent sources, but her career history is unknown. Joe Smith, an American basketball player who retired in 1975, was born on July 26, 1975, and had an incredible 16-year NBA career. He represented 12 teams as a power forward.

He was named Maryland’s School Player of the Year in 1995. He was named to the All-Tenderfoot team in 1995 and 1996. After a brief run with the Detroit Pistons, he was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers first, and he played for the Minnesota Timberwolves for the majority of his career.

Joe Smith was a player for some teams during his career, including the Los Angeles Lakers, New Jersey Nets, Milwaukee Bucks, Denver Coins, Chicago Bulls, Oklahoma City Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Atlanta Hawks.

kisha chavis Career

Kisha Chavis’s acting career has mainly consisted of additional work. Her television roles include The Mentalist, For Better or Worse, and Monk. In addition, Chavis modeled for the well-known program “Say Yes to the Dress.”

She starred in Tupac Shakur’s film, Friday After Next, and American Gangster. Kisha Chavis is wed to former NBA player Joe Smith. She’s a successful professional woman despite being married to a professional sportsman.

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In addition to acting in TV series and movies, Kisha Chavis has also played with music. She traveled to Europe at the beginning of the decade and recorded a cover of the hit song “Tell it to My Heart.” Her performance gained popularity in Germany, presenting her with new possibilities.

Chavis traveled around Europe, opening concerts for well-known musical acts including Boyz 2 Men and Dru Hill. She has primarily worked as a background performer, but you may have seen her in TV series such as The Mentalist, For Better or Worse, and Bones.

She even modeled for the popular television program “Say Yes to the Dress.” In addition, Chavis starred in Friday After Next, American Gangster, and a Tupac Shakur film.

kisha chavis Movies

Kisha Chavis is a diverse performer well-known for her roles in adult films, modeling, and vocals. She traveled to Europe early in the new decade and made a lot of money with her version of the hit song “Tell It to My Heart,” which peaked at the top of the German charts.

She was given the chance to perform with bands like Boyz 2 Men and Dru Hill, among other opportunities. She has also left her impact on television, starring in episodes of The Mentalist, For Better or Worse, and Bones.

Kisha even displayed her modeling talents on the well-liked program “Say Yes to the Dress.” She has also appeared in the biopic about the well-known rapper Tupac, Friday After Next, and American Gangster.

kisha chavis Family

Joe Smith and Kisha Chavis are happily wed. After dating for a while, Joe, a former professional basketball player, and Kisha married together in 2018.

Joe got married to Kenrick Chavis before Kisha, but they ended their marriage peacefully. Kisha gave viewers a peek into her personal life by telling her divorce tale on a TV show.

Facts About kisha chavis

  • Kisha is a talented individual with a wide range of abilities.
  • She went Interboro Community College and Teaneck High School in New Jersey.
  • After some time spent dating the former NBA player Joe Smith, she tied the knot in 2018.
  • She is a model and a television personality in addition to being a singer.
  • Their tale of love is a wonderful illustration of enduring love.
  • Joe was wed to Kenrick Chavis before Kisha, but their union terminated amicably.
  • She put a lot of effort into her professions to finance her goals to be a model and singer.
  • Kisha is an American citizen and proud of her African origin.
  • She became well-known with the song “Tell It To My Heart”.
  • She is the owner of “Cocktail Hour with Kisses” and “Puppy Friends Social Club.”
  • Kisha is a businesswoman as well as a performer.
  • She displays her skills as an actor not only in the entertainment industry but also in TV and movies.


Kisha Chavis, born on July 20, 1971, in the United States, has forged a diverse career in singing, modeling, and acting. From her humble beginnings in Teaneck High School to her ventures with World Concerts and Silvacast GmbH, Kisha’s journey has been marked by resilience and success. Despite financial challenges, she found true love with former NBA player Joe Smith, marrying in 2018. Kisha’s talents extend beyond entertainment, as she also delves into business ventures like “Cocktail Hour with Kisses” and “Puppy Friends Social Club.” Her story is one of determination, love, and multifaceted achievements.


Q: Where was Kisha Chavis born?

A: Kisha Chavis was born in the United States.

Q: What is Kisha Chavis’s educational background?

A: Kisha attended Teaneck High School in New Jersey and later studied business law at Interboro Community College.

Q: When did Kisha Chavis and Joe Smith get married?

A: Kisha Chavis and Joe Smith got married in 2018 on a beautiful beach in Croix.

Q: What is Kisha Chavis’s net worth?

A: Kisha Chavis’s net worth is estimated to be $35 million.

Q: What are some highlights of Kisha Chavis’s career?

A: Kisha Chavis has had a successful career as a model, singer, and actor, with notable appearances in TV shows like “The Mentalist” and movies such as “Friday After Next” and “American Gangster.”

Q: How did Kisha Chavis become popular in Germany?

A: Kisha gained popularity in Germany with her cover of the hit song “Tell It to My Heart” and further solidified her presence by opening concerts for renowned musical acts in Europe.

Q: What business ventures is Kisha Chavis involved in?

A: Kisha is a businesswoman involved in ventures like “Cocktail Hour with Kisses” and “Puppy Friends Social Club.”

Q: How many children do Kisha Chavis and Joe Smith have?

A: Kisha Chavis and Joe Smith have one child together.

Q: What is Kisha Chavis’s nickname?

A: Kisha Chavis is known by the nickname “Kiss.”

Q: What challenges did Kisha face before finding true love with Joe Smith?

A: Kisha faced challenges, including unstable relationships and financial difficulties, before finding true love with Joe Smith in 2018.

Q: In what TV shows and movies has Kisha Chavis appeared?

A: Kisha Chavis has appeared in TV series like “The Mentalist,” “For Better or Worse,” and “Bones,” as well as movies such as “Friday After Next” and “American Gangster.”


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