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Janet Condra and Larry Bird were once high school sweethearts. They got married at a young age in 1975 and had a daughter named Corrie two years later. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in 1976 after less than a year.

After the divorce, what happened to Janet Condra? How did she deal with the attention and challenges of being Larry Bird’s ex-wife, given his fame as an NBA legend? And what is her relationship like with Larry Bird and their daughter today? This article will explore the life of Janet Condra, sharing insights into her journey since her time with Larry Bird.

Full Name:Janet Condra
Profession:Celebrity Ex-Wife
Country:United States
Marital Status:Divorce
Divorce:Larry Bird
Kids:Corrie Bird

Janet Condra’s Ex-husband

Larry Bird is a retired basketball player who spent his entire career in the NBA. He played for the Boston Celtics from 1979 to 1992 and achieved a lot, winning three championships, three MVP awards, and two Finals MVP awards.

People consider him one of the greatest players ever because of his amazing shooting skills and ability to perform well under pressure.

Besides his NBA success, Bird was also part of the 1992 U.S. Olympic Dream Team that won gold in Barcelona.

janet condra

After retiring as a player, he became the head coach of the Indiana Pacers from 1997 to 2000, leading them to the NBA Finals in 2000. Later, he became the president of basketball operations for the Pacers and was honored with the Executive of the Year award in 2012.

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Janet Condra’s Daughter : Corrie Bird

Janet Condra and Larry Bird got married in 1975 and had a daughter named Corrie Bird on August 14th, 1977. Corrie is Larry Bird’s only biological child.

Corrie Batson is currently married to Trent Theopolis Batson, and they have four kids together. She also has two stepchildren from Trent’s previous marriage.

janet condra

Corrie works as a manager in the family medicine department at AP&S Clinic. She hasn’t been very close to her famous father for a while, as they were estranged. Corrie prefers to keep her life private and stays away from the media spotlight.

Janet Condra’s Future Plans

Janet has big dreams for the future! She’s always looking for new chances to learn and grow, both personally and professionally. Janet is passionate about making a positive impact and wants to keep inspiring others with her skills and determination.

Her goal is to expand her horizons by taking on exciting new projects that challenge her. Janet is optimistic about what the future holds and is excited to see what comes next.

She’s ready for all the adventures and opportunities that will come her way in the next chapter of her life. Stay tuned for more updates on Janet’s plans!

Janet Condra’s Hobbies

Artist : Janet loves to show off her creativity by painting. She has fun using lots of colors and trying out different techniques to make beautiful art.

Reading: Janet really enjoys reading and getting lost in the pages of a good book. Whether it’s a mysterious story or an inspiring true tale, she likes learning new things through reading.

Gardening: Janet has a knack for gardening and spends time taking care of her garden. She plants colorful flowers, looks after her vegetables, and enjoys watching them grow.

Yoga: Janet practices yoga to keep her mind and body feeling good. It’s a relaxing and refreshing activity that helps her stay focused and calm.

Cooking: Janet likes to play around with new recipes and flavors in the kitchen. She enjoys trying out different types of food and making tasty meals for her friends and family.

Janet Condra’s After Divorce Life

Janet Condra might have been a mail carrier, but we’re not sure. Since her split from Larry Bird, there’s no evidence of her dating or getting remarried. Currently, she’s a grandma to her daughter Corrie’s kids.

On the flip side, Larry Bird did tie the knot again in 1989 with Dinah Mattingly. They’ve been together for the last 34 years.

janet condra

Rumors say that Condra and Larry didn’t get along well. Condra’s relationship with her dad, Bird, got so bad that they couldn’t even talk.

Corrie, her daughter, also stopped talking to him. According to a website, their father-daughter relationship wasn’t normal.

Corrie really wanted to meet her dad, but Larry kept saying no. Eventually, Corrie’s stepmom invited her to a Pacers game, and that helped make things better between Corrie and her dad.

Janet Condra’s Net Worth

Condra’s total wealth is not known, and there is no information about her yearly earnings. Her former husband is estimated to be worth around $45 million, but the exact amount she received in the divorce settlement is still undisclosed.

Janet Condra’s Height and Weight

Since Janet hasn’t been in the media much, we don’t know her height and weight. On the other hand, her well-known ex-husband Larry is 6 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 220 lbs.

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Janet Condra Personal Life & Career

Janet Condra is a well-known figure as the wife of the famous basketball player and coach, Larry Bird.

Larry Bird, her husband, got a sports scholarship to Indiana University because of his excellent basketball skills. During his time there, he played for the renowned coach Bob Knight.

During that time, he led his team to the NCAA Championship Finals, facing off against the Michigan State Spartans, led by another future NBA star, Ervin Johnson.

Condra’s husband was chosen as the sixth overall pick by the Boston Celtics in the NBA draft. However, Larry decided to go back to Indiana State for another year.

Afterwards, Larry left Indiana State with prestigious awards like the USBWA College Player of the Year, the Naismith Award, and the Wooden Award.

Facts About Janet Condra

  • Larry Bird’s first wife is Janet Condra, and they have a daughter named Corrie Bird.
  • Janet Condra is from Indiana, USA. Larry Bird has been married twice, first to Janet Condra and later to Dinah Mattingly.
  • Larry and Janet met while growing up in the same neighborhood and attending Springs Valley High School, where they became sweethearts.
  • Janet Condra’s only child is Corrie Bird.
  • After their divorce, Janet Condra did not remarry, so she is currently single.


Janet Condra’s life after her brief marriage to NBA legend Larry Bird has been marked by privacy and resilience. Despite the challenges of being in the spotlight as Bird’s ex-wife, she has focused on her passions, including art, gardening, and family. Janet’s daughter, Corrie Bird, has chosen a more private life, distancing herself from the media. Janet, a grandmother now, remains committed to personal growth and positive impact. Her story exemplifies strength and determination in navigating life beyond the shadows of fame.


Q: Did Janet Condra remarry after her divorce from Larry Bird?
A: There is no evidence of Janet Condra remarrying after her divorce from Larry Bird. She has remained focused on her personal interests and family life.

Q: What is the relationship between Janet Condra and Larry Bird today?
A: Reports suggest a strained relationship between Janet Condra and Larry Bird, with claims of minimal communication. Their daughter, Corrie, also experienced challenges in her relationship with Larry, but a positive turn occurred when Corrie was invited to a Pacers game by her stepmother.

Q: What is Corrie Bird’s relationship with Larry Bird now?
A: Corrie Bird had a strained relationship with her father, Larry Bird, leading to a period of estrangement. However, a positive step was taken when Corrie attended a Pacers game at the invitation of her stepmother, which improved their relationship.

Q: What are Janet Condra’s hobbies and interests?
A: Janet Condra enjoys painting, reading, gardening, practicing yoga, and experimenting with cooking. These hobbies reflect her diverse interests and passion for personal well-being.

Q: What is the status of Janet Condra’s professional life after the divorce?
A: While there is no specific information about Janet Condra’s career, she may have been a mail carrier. Her focus appears to be on personal growth and pursuing new projects, reflecting a positive outlook on her future endeavors.


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