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Eleanor Talitha Bailey

Eleanor Talitha Bailey is the daughter of the well-known actress Devon Aoki. In the United States, she is recognized mainly because she is Devon Aoki’s daughter. Eleanor has a significant number of fans worldwide who actively engage with her on social media, liking and sharing her posts. Explore the details below to discover more about Eleanor Talitha Bailey.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey is the daughter of American celebrity Dion Aoki, who is also well-known for his acting career. Eleanor Talitha Bailey also has her own Instagram account, where she regularly interacts with her followers, gaining them a great deal of love.

ProfessionCelebrity Daughter
Full NameEleanor Talitha Bailey
BirthplaceUnited States
FatherDevon Aoki
MotherJames Bailey
GrandfatherHiroaki Aoki
GrandmotherPamela Hilburger
Marital StatusSingle
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourBlonde

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Siblings:

Eleanor Talitha Bailey hails from a close-knit family and has a close relationship with her brothers, as proven by Devon Aoki’s touching Instagram glances.

In a similar vein, her sister Alessandra Linville was born on February 13, 2013, and her brother James Bailey Jr. was born on June 10, 2011. Eleanor enjoyed being the youngest before her younger sister Evelyn came.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey

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As a dynamic quartet, the siblings have dabbled in the modeling world and decorated the campaigns of high-end companies like Adidas and Gap. Devon’s social media accounts also highlight memorable moments in their connection, showing their real closeness and love for one another.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s Parents:

Eleanor Bailey does not now have a personal net worth that is connected to her career achievements because she is still a small child and depends mainly on her parents. She does, however, hail from a very powerful family.

Her mother, Devon Aoki, is a well-known model and actress, and her estimated net worth is $30 million. In contrast, James Bailey, her father, is said to be worth $4 million.

Despite being young, Eleanor has already demonstrated her early businesses into the modeling world by serving as an ambassador for brands like Away with her mother, brothers, and herself. Eleanor’s background and experiences may make her like her mother.

Devon Aoki’s luxurious lifestyle, which includes several homes in Benedict Canyon and Los Angeles, draws attention to the family’s substantial wealth and provides Eleanor with a luxurious upbringing.

Eleanor’s Father And Mother:

Devon Aoki, an American model and actress, is well known for her unique beauty and sensual attitude. Born in New York City on August 10, 1982, Aoki rose to fame in the entertainment and fashion industries quite swiftly.

Her unique blend of Japanese ancestry, attributed to her father Hiroaki Aoki, the man who started the Benihana restaurant chain, explained her exotic appeal.

Aoki’s modeling career took off as she walked the runways for well-known designers and appeared on the covers of prominent fashion publications. Because of her appealing looks and small frame, she became a highly sought-after model in the modeling community.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey

Famous in the business community, James Bailey is an American businessman who has achieved success. It isn’t easy to get exact details about his professional activities, but his successes and influence are clear.

Also, he is married to Devon Aoki, a well-known model who is well-known for her work in the fashion industry. As a power pair, James and Devon blend their hobbies and skills to create a solid bond.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Social Media:

On social media, young people who have substantial profiles—especially those who are famous people’s children—often maintain a low profile. Eleanor Talitha Bailey does not have a specific social media presence and is not active on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Instead, she sometimes posts on her mother Devon Aoki’s social media accounts, sharing details about her life and the events in her family. This allows her to take part in her mother’s online sharing while privately enjoying her youth.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Height:

More persons than Talitha are taller. She appeared taller than the others in the pictures, but her exact measurements are unknown. New information will be supplied here as soon as it becomes available. Her mother, Devon Aoki, is 5’4″ (1.65 m) tall, just like her daughter.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Net Worth:

Devon Aoki, Bailey’s mother, is expected to make thirty million dollars by 2023, still. Bailey does not presently possess personal wealth. It’s made up of her assets, income, and fortune. Her financial success has been heavily influenced by her modeling and acting careers.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey

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Because she has multiple sources of income, Bailey has been able to build up a sizable fortune, but she has decided that she would want to lead an ordinary life. James, her father, is rich. His total net worth as of 2023 is around four million dollars (US).

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Academy:

Over her academic tenure, Eleanor Talitha Bailey has continually shown proficiency. Because of her natural interest and her parents’ commitment to her education, she did very well in school. She consistently achieved top scores in her Montessori school and showed a passion for reading beyond her years.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Future Plans:

Even at the young age of eight, Eleanor has a bright future. Her parents, Devon Aoki and James Bailey have established an environment that allows her to pursue her interests, value diversity, and develop a stronger sense of social duty.

Eleanor’s creative abilities are still strong, and she aspires to produce children’s books as an author and illustrator one day. Her lifelong love of storytelling serves as an inspiration for her captivating stories, which have the power to inspire young readers.

Eleanor says she wants to be creative, but she also says she wants to improve the world. She is keen to carry on her parents’ charity work and support projects that improve children’s welfare and education.


Eleanor Talitha Bailey daughter of actress Devon Aoki, emerges as a promising figure despite her young age. Raised in a wealthy and close-knit family, she’s showcased early forays into modeling and philanthropy. With a solid educational foundation, Eleanor envisions a future in creative pursuits, aspiring to author children’s books and contribute to charitable causes. While she currently relies on her parents’ wealth, her potential and aspirations hint at a unique and purposeful trajectory.


Q: What is Eleanor Talitha Bailey known for?

A: Eleanor is recognized as the daughter of actress Devon Aoki and is associated with her family’s involvement in the modeling world and charity work.

Q: Is Eleanor active on social media?

A: No, Eleanor doesn’t maintain a personal social media presence. She occasionally appears on her mother’s accounts.

Q: What are Eleanor’s future plans?

A: Eleanor aims to pursue creative endeavors, aspiring to become an author and illustrator of children’s books. She also expresses a desire to continue her parents’ charity work.

Q: What is the net worth of Eleanor Talitha Bailey?

A: As of now, Eleanor doesn’t have a personal net worth. Her mother, Devon Aoki, is estimated to be worth $30 million, while her father, James Bailey, has a net worth of around $4 million.

Q: Does Eleanor have siblings?

A: Yes, Eleanor has a sister, Alessandra Linville, born on February 13, 2013, and a brother, James Bailey Jr., born on June 10, 2011.

Q: What are Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s educational achievements?

A: Eleanor has excelled academically, consistently achieving top scores in her Montessori school and displaying a passion for reading beyond her years.


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