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Carter Belfort is a famous kid in America. He’s the son of Jordan Belfort, who’s a popular American writer, motivational speaker, and used to work with stocks. Carter is also known for his role as the Vice-President of Brand Development at Global Motivation Inc.

Who is Carter Belfort?

Full Name:Carter Belfort
Profession:Celebrity Kid, Singer-Rapper, Vice-President of Brand Development at Global Motivation Inc.
Marital Status:Single
Eye Color:Hazel
Hair Color:Brown

Carter Belfort Early Life and Education

However, Carter Belfort holds an honorary American citizenship. He went to the Los Angeles Film School, as stated on his LinkedIn profile.

Carter’s parents are Jordan Belfort and his second wife, Nadine Caridi, according to his family tree. His mom, originally from the UK, is currently working on a Ph.D. in Somatic Psychotherapy, focusing on Attachment Trauma, Shame, and The Dark Tetrad.

Carter also has a sister named Chandler Belfort. From 2017 to 2019, she studied at NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.

Carter’s grandparents are Leah and Max Belfort, and he has an uncle named Robert Belfort. His full name is Carter James Belfort.

Carter Belfort Age, Height and Weight:

At just 27 years old, Carter Belfort is quickly becoming a standout in the business world. We may not know the specifics of his looks, like height or weight, but one thing is certain – Carter is bursting with energy and excitement.

His friendly smile and confident attitude leave a lasting impression on everyone he meets. Whether he’s rocking a sharp suit or keeping it casual, Carter’s style mirrors his lively personality.


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Even though he’s still on the rise, Carter’s determination and hard work are already making a big impact on his career. With such a promising start, it’s evident that Carter Belfort is on the path to achieve great things in the future.

Carter Belfort Net Worth:

At just seven years old, Carter Belfort has already achieved significant milestones! While his exact financial status remains unknown, it’s evident that he’s flourishing in establishing his career.

He works as the vice president of Brand Development at Global Motivation Inc., and he’s making a name for himself in the business world. His efforts have really helped the company grow. It’s amazing to see someone so young doing such great things.

Carter Belfort Early Life and Education

He was born into a family of successful people, and he grew up with lots of inspiration around him.

His dad used to give motivational speeches and teach him important lessons, which made Carter want to be successful too.

He went to really good schools where he did well in his studies and learned how to be a leader. Carter loves learning and is naturally good at business, so he decided to work in brand development.

Even though he’s still young, Carter has already made a name for himself in the industry, showing that you can achieve anything if you work hard and stay determined.

Carter Belfort Acting Career

Did you know that Carter Belfort isn’t just a Vice-President of Brand Development, but he’s also trying his hand at acting? Even though he’s young, Carter is testing out his acting talents and has already impressed people with his charming personality and confidence.

Carter has been in a few commercials and short films, and people really liked his performances. It’s cool to see someone young trying out different creative things and showing off their skills.

Keep an eye out for Carter Belfort because he’s on his way to becoming a big deal, both in the business and entertainment worlds. He’s a rising star to watch!

Carter Belfort Parents and Siblings

Carter Belfort comes from an amazing family! His dad is Jordan Belfort, who’s well-known as an author and speaker. Carter also has a sister named Chandler, and they all share a passion for brand development and marketing.


Working together must be a blast for them, and having a family that’s so into the same things is really cool. Carter is probably inspired a lot by his successful parents and sister. With such a supportive family, it’s clear that Carter will keep achieving awesome things in the future!

Carter Belfort Career

Carter Belfort, widely known as the son of Jordan Belfort, is recognized for his role as the VP of Brand Development in Los Angeles, California. You can find this information on his LinkedIn profile.

Additionally, he works as a marketing specialist and strategic manager for the college recruitment division of Jordan Belfort’s company, Straight Line Solutions.

In 2015, Carter expressed his interest in following in his father’s footsteps as a stockbroker. He kicked off his career as a strategic marketing specialist at Global Motivation, Inc. in Los Angeles after completing his internships.

Carter later moved up the ranks, taking on the role of a marketing specialist at the company’s Beverly Hills branch for two months.

Beyond his business ventures, Carter is also a talented singer and songwriter. You can check out his music on his YouTube channel called “Out of Focus,” where he has released two mixtapes titled “The Drunken Poet” and “Off The Soul.”

Carter Belfort Girlfriend

There isn’t any available information about Carter Belfort’s relationships or love life. His parents, Jordan and Nadine, are no longer together. They met at a party when Nadine was a model from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Jordan and Nadine got divorced in 2005 due to domestic violence, with Nadine citing Jordan’s problems with drug addiction and infidelity. They have two kids, Chandler and Carter.

Before Nadine, Jordan was married to Denise Lombardo, but they divorced during Jordan’s time as CEO of Stratton Oakmont.

Currently, Jordan is in a relationship with actress Cristina Invernizzi, while Nadine is married to Frankie Macaluso. They have two children together, Nicky and Allie Macaluso.

Carter Belfort Hobbies

  • Playing sports such as soccer, basketball, and swimming.
  • Going on hikes and camping to explore the outdoors.
  • Reading books to learn new things and expand his knowledge.
  • Making art by painting and drawing.
  • Playing musical instruments like the piano and guitar.
  • Trying out new recipes and cooking yummy meals.
  • Building and designing with Legos and other building sets.


Carter Belfort, the accomplished son of renowned motivational speaker and writer Jordan Belfort, has swiftly carved his own path in the business and entertainment realms. As the Vice-President of Brand Development at Global Motivation Inc., Carter showcases a dynamic blend of business acumen and creative talent. Beyond his corporate endeavors, he delves into acting, music, and various hobbies, presenting a well-rounded personality. Carter’s early life, education, and family background have undoubtedly influenced his impressive career trajectory, and with his determination, he is poised for further success in both his professional and artistic pursuits.

FAQs About Carter Belfort:

Q: Who are Carter Belfort’s parents?
A: Carter Belfort’s parents are Jordan Belfort, a well-known American author and motivational speaker, and Nadine Caridi.

Q: What is Carter Belfort’s profession?
A: Carter Belfort is the Vice-President of Brand Development at Global Motivation Inc. He is also involved in acting, music, and various creative pursuits.

Q: Where did Carter Belfort go to school?
A: Carter Belfort attended the Los Angeles Film School, as mentioned on his LinkedIn profile.

Q: Does Carter Belfort have siblings?
A: Yes, Carter has a sister named Chandler Belfort, who studied at NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.

Q: What is Carter Belfort’s career background?
A: Carter began his career as a strategic marketing specialist at Global Motivation Inc. and later took on roles in marketing and strategic management.

Q: Is Carter Belfort involved in the entertainment industry?
A: Yes, Carter has ventured into acting and music, with performances in commercials and short films, and he has released mixtapes on his YouTube channel called “Out of Focus.”

Q: What are Carter Belfort’s hobbies?
A: Carter enjoys playing sports, going on hikes, reading, making art, playing musical instruments, cooking, and building with Legos and other building sets.


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